Student webmaster change ideas tuition earned every year

Student webmaster change ideas tuition earned every year

big 4 is almost over, the life of the scholar era will be over. Sigh with emotion. That school is marketing, the University for four years, and there are more than 30 thousand of the income, of course, I do not, students are better than me in There are plenty of people who, and they are my teachers, a lot of time thinking broaden is available in the exchange, so I pay attention now and the head of the exchange. The Webmaster Station known difficulties ah, Baidu is not well treated, the flow is not good to do, union days is very difficult. The formation of my personal personal webmaster is very concerned about, always want to do everything in my power to help students out of the plight of the webmaster, I combine my experience today to students talk, do depend on the flow of money alliance mode, with their own strength to do business revenue.


is in marketing, and for enterprises dealing with comparative advantage and richly endowed by nature, is a kind of personality is very outgoing, good at communication is and people. So I think to go on the road to the students need to have three basic capabilities: one is more rich web pages familiar with the production experience and at least one CMS template; two is the language ability, is to promote their ability and the ability to talk with people; three, insisted that the ability to resolve the pressure; if not, it will slowly learn and practice. So from the beginning, I will step by step write some of my experience and experience, at least I had to do, but also is the success of the.

one. Ready to work,

1. to build their own studio network home page, this is the facade and the basic negotiating leverage, must be done very fine, not too gorgeous, but must not be feeling rough, simple, columns above can refer to many mature website production company mode, a lot of content can copy them. But to keep their own characteristics.

2. for the local name card company published a set of their own business name card, can also go to buy Taobao, but also help you design your name card with the name card is very convenient, is to enhance their own to one of the important factors of customer trust, a very good tool.

is a deal to transfer information

3. whether you own design or, or download the template or map "effect of the 10 successful, the picture also has its own information, print out, must be in color, a 1 dollars to 2 dollars. The money is to be spent.

4. to prepare some documents, such as website construction contract, the establishment of information, such as: the current situation of network development, the website can bring what advantage, how will you operate, what is your advantage, print out your service and how such information can be made, the best publicity booklet for development potential customers for their stay, the more detailed content, better.



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