We need more time to go into the local station area

We need more time to go into the local station area

yesterday, I published an article about "webmaster, did you find the reason for the unsuccessful operation of the website"? Beyond the expected imagination. Did not expect to visit 400+ times, commented ten. And a lot of people added my QQ. As a result, I have increased my enthusiasm for publishing again. I hope this article will bring you more harvest. At the same time, my writing is very poor, I hope to be able to feel some inner feelings and experience, so that we can see the article.

today, our article reads: "going to the local station area, we need more time to linger.".

is currently active on the Internet, this group of people, is the local station operators. That sounds like a good title. But you certainly don’t know that their efforts are far ahead of the managers who cover the entire web site. Nonsense, not a few words, directly into the core part of the topic. As a local station operator, how many points do you need?.

1, data collection and collation,

whether you are doing any kind of local station, absolutely no local information. Collect data as a local or non local person. In fact, it is not a very simple thing. Because not every local or non local person can be very understanding of his city. Want to put your site better promotion and operation, our premise is that you have to know the city, like the octopus. Capable of attacking in 8 directions. Of course, we didn’t need to attack anyone before, but we collected data in 8 directions. Find your friends and collect them at the same time. If friends and colleagues have no or very few cases, then you can collect information on the roadside and in a busy supermarket.

similar market research activities, learn about regular Internet attention, the most important is to understand, who do not use the Internet or not often people want to find what on the Internet to find what. This is critical. You can get what others don’t get when you move forward with others.

two, the choice of international domain name and the decision-making of website name

local station of the election domain name and site name is very critical, we must not think any domain name will be very good. Here’s an example. The city I live in is Henan, Xinxiang. Our area code is 0373, zip code 453000 becomes brief, and xinxiang. Similar to this situation, we should choose what kind of domain name? If you do local station started late, do not want to compare the excellent domain name. What do you think will be left to you in the domain name such as 0373.com? You can do this by analogy, of course, if you have enough money. Then you can buy him, too. But I don’t recommend you. Because you are not the only one who has money. Because local stations are generally operated by network companies. >


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