The world is near the bloggers who walk with me

The world is near the bloggers who walk with me

January 11, 2006, sophomore year, the final exam of the final exam, I spent the night surfing the Internet to do blog. At that time, I didn’t even know what blog was. I just heard it a little earlier and tried to build my first blog. So after that until March this year, more than two years, I had one day does not fall to maintain this blog has been enthusiastically explore its positioning and development direction. During that time, I’ve met countless bloggers, and I prefer to call them bloggers! They are not in the strict sense of the webmaster, they do not know Admin5, but do not know why the king Xu also, but in them, I have gained a lot of useful inspiration for the webmaster. One of the most recent days, accidentally opened the new edition of Tianya blog home page, and saw the familiar blog name, not to think of those who have gone through with me blog webmaster.

sea breeze mood, this is my blog. Please allow me to evaluate it with an onlooker, not a friend. The blog was originally called the sea breeze. From the beginning to the present, it dramatically bearing the literary culture, emotion, mood, group blog blog promotion, blog news and personal cover such topics, so in different time will have all sorts of strange things. Currently, it ranks twenty-fifth among the millions of bloggers in the world, with 2 million 940 thousand hits, but almost stopped updating. Because it has not really found a good location for it, he has fallen into a daze and simply designed a fresh style bound page, which makes the home page a form of application for resumes. Shao Guihu used the name spelling registered CN domain name, made a jump to this blog.

  positioning, like a web weathervane. Without a clear, strong and persistent guideline, it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the quality of the website.

all this will go away. The big picture at the top of the blog is a woman with a puff of cigarette smoke in her background, a gloomy grey background. The first time I came to this blog, or I didn’t know the friend of this blog, I would think it was a non mainstream blog full of melancholy and even decadent color. But it is this blog webmaster is the most tolerant and most persistent webmaster I have ever seen. Probably every day since the establishment of the station, she has been updated every day. And the contents of the log are graphic forms, of which pictures are their own original photography works. I appreciate her blog a description of the film to me is a kind of emotional catharsis, every picture there are my little emotion or emotion, photography is life itself ", appreciate her as a webmaster blog share of the persistence and perseverance.

insists, for every webmaster, is the most basic and the most important quality. In between life and network hard webmaster, hard work or joy, do you know the station only personal sorrow and joy. But in any case, please be brave enough to carry on. Because, >


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