Webmaster net let me learn a lot is not flattering

Webmaster net let me learn a lot is not flattering

to webmaster, Internet bar just started, no feeling, template not how, and also heard that is soft Wen, but later my view changed. Because it is a web content? If stationmaster net basic is soft, it (I this is not soft. The original yo) but soft, soft features, why, the answer is very simple, these soft, very practical, these soft, we basically didn’t read, but in our stationmaster net read and learn. So soft in Webmaster nets, I think with originality no difference.

is talking about forums.. The forum template is not up to much. Template or 6?. Ha-ha。 Miss the tide. It doesn’t matter if you don’t catch the tide. As a user, what you want is information. Stationmaster net forum has done, (everybody comes stationmaster net is not see template?. Domain name trading, link trading, program trading, etc.. That’s enough. I also sell domain names to buy websites. But at the same time, I also buy good, cheap domain names. I sold it in the main net. Also bought. That’s enough,

sure. The quality of a web site is how much a template can stand. I personally think 20%, but I think at least 70% of the content, and 10% is what I still think about it.

, my station is changing my network zhengwo.com one after another. As a result, I’m not paying attention to the template right now. Buy the newspaper and write the new news. Go.


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