Yu Bin real estate website will become increasingly diversified

Yu Bin real estate website will become increasingly diversified

2008, SouFun announced that it will complete the 100 city strategy, the local real estate website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as a real estate portal struggle intensified, in regional development and consolidate the foundation, need to continue operation modes of innovation, constant self denial, as the market changes and development new product. In 2008, the situation of the real estate industry websites became more and more serious.


2008 video will become the mainstream of the application of real estate related websites. Taking a look at several major domestic web portals, we can see that video technology has begun to be applied in many ways.

Soufangwang video is more formal, mainly in real estate video and interview video, this year will be more attention to Soufangwang broadband news video;

focus network open community video some popular, known as community video, video blog, news video, real video caught, but from the channel of the video can be seen focus video is taking the entertainment line, a lot of video from the 56 Network, tudou.com, uusee turn;

House365 real estate home network video similar to Soufangwang, are based on real estate video.

The number of

and other professional real estate video website also showed an upward trend, but the current home network and is the largest real estate video website, mainly video showings, second-hand housing and rental housing, from the user point of view, video technology and video content and home network, focal point and housing undoubtedly more than house365.

with video technology matures, the application level is more extensive, in the real estate industry in the field of video has become an innovative product inseparable, in the premise of mutual integration, video technology in the future will be more brilliant.

real estate video evaluation


assumes you

* * * * * Focus Network

House365 real estate Home Furnishing net assumes to

home network and assumes


3D showings

3D showings because the technology is not very mature, is still in the growth stage, and a number of Web 3D technology forms are inconsistent, for example from ShenZhen Railway Station three-dimensional 3D Sina Real Estate showings, showings, professional 3D showings such as home network.

Ocean network reports confirmed that currently more users of 3D showings more interested in, because the three-dimensional showings as the general space surrounding environment, personally on the scene, at a glance around, so more and more visitors alike.

property map

maps are divided into online maps and offline maps.

online map is mainly new property map, most of the real estate and map integration, and then use "Google"


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