Most real website operation experience and operation details

Most real website operation experience and operation details

open up, after nearly a year of construction, experienced a lot of difficulties and hardships, of course, there are many gains. The truth is to not visit, not to say words, get right now. In this year, in order to create a pioneering website, I am a person from scratch, the record of learning process, encounter repeatedly refused, this is not the way, must continue to endure the complicated national policy, must be obeyed. Anyway, all the way down, and finally to the Internet site to go up.

next to the purpose of building a web site, I think the purpose must be clear, or you just want to start a fun, or want to profit. Of course, I think the latter is more practical, and the profit is that the website can make a big driving force and an economic source. You don’t tell me to. Speaking of profit model, that is to say how to make the site profitable, this must be good, to make the profit model is very clear, do not expect users to be large enough to directly profit. We must start to see profit pattern, such as you buy something to engage in e-commerce, or may attract business forum, in short, you must find a good and it may be possible to see the profit pattern; and not a very clear profit model is only considered popular, popular is to pull advertising is money mode, in fact this is not clear. Why? Because when you want to make money popularity strong enough that you have died, not the ordinary people are unable to go, unless you have enough money and someone throws you money, of course, for you not to make money in the money when you have to let him possibility the money you see.

to say the user value and social value of the website, the website must have social value and user value, and not to get a lot of content is website. When we build a site, we must analyze the resources and information of social asymmetry, that is, social contradictions. From this point of view, there is asymmetric information, there are user needs. Not many ideas, just one. For example, the current network shopping popular, many shopping sites can, but because many people see presbyopia, you need to have a shopping guide network to help them analyze the most affordable goods and information; also we go home to work as there is a problem, there is the carpool network and so on. So that you do not how many mature websites already do that, more mature large sites, the more it can produce around the new service model, such as Taobao, shopping is indeed great, but with online shopping related value-added services, online shopping market and the new generation, what guest, Taobao ranking and the price of commodities and three party service a lot. That is to say you never blame others you have to market finished, the so-called variable tree tree, tree can reproduce new seedlings is the meaning of truth.

said that if no COPY site content, it is not possible, we should call COPY here is collected, the excellent content together, with the direct copy on the idea of completely different, in addition.


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