DedeCms initial experience

DedeCms initial experience

DedeCms (hereinafter referred to as Dede) with its powerful, easy-to-use features occupy a considerable part of the small and medium-sized website market. I’m one of those users, too. In the process of making websites, I often encounter some problems, in addition to go to the official website for information, more with the help of Baidu, Google and other search engines. Interestingly, in the search process, I found a lot of "brothers website" ——Power by DedeCms. At first, I didn’t care. As the number of times increased, I began to ask a question: why do so many webmaster choose Dede


CMS, as the name suggests, content management systems. As a webmaster, the contents of the first problem, is the content come from? Write the news, but Sina did not write, no authority, no one would see the limitation of things; write blog, where experts like or writers, die one day to write several articles; sending pictures, even if there is a camera. What ah, where there is the dew point pictures look good… Okay, this is the era of the Internet, even copying China’s direct acquisition of


let the non technical personnel, bypassing the regular expression is obscure, and have a sense of achievement, only Dede in the crazy progress bar in front of her! Acquisition function is integrated into the CMS, all of a sudden a tiger with wings added dede. For example, Dede has just started selling guns, and the buyer has to buy the bullets himself. Now Dede in addition to selling guns, bullets and machine gun sales will go up. Because the buyer has enough bullets.

with the expansion of the user base, new demand is also emerging. Some users have an opinion. His hard to add information, be a number of "Li Gui" site easy to steal, the taste of the heart, don’t mention how uncomfortable. Later, Dede introduced anti collection obfuscation. Through the pre arranged string in the page randomly appear, damage collection rules, so as to achieve the effect of anti collection (there are other ways).

here I want to share a post and we only talk. Baidu post bar, there is a person asked how to set up anti collection in dede. Some people on the thread, have put forward their own views. Some send code, and some say operating procedures, impatient to leave a web site. Everybody says eight or nine, not far from ten, the atmosphere is very enthusiastic. One of them seems to be very fond of his own way. He explained: "I was a set of

everyone knows that there was a man who sold spears and shields in ancient times, and the story was so dumbfounded. I don’t know, Dede’s collection and >


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