Day P less than 2000 months income over 10000 how to create innovative profit model

Day P less than 2000 months income over 10000 how to create innovative profit model

day IP less than 2000, monthly income of over 10000, talking about Zhu Jinlong Medical Forum profit innovation model

is now more and more webmaster, but the webmaster what is holding an idea of what to do? Everybody is not the same opinion! I also initially began operating the site started, then to help others do, that are made of SEOER, about 5 years work experience the time. In the process, also met many war friends, even including some very well-known webmaster, and often with them in a piece of communication, think we do stand ideas and ideas almost the same.

just a few days ago, accidentally met a very strange webmaster, he has a few very strange: first, he is a doctor, only medical professional, even web page label tag are confused. Second: he does not need to manage the forum, the forum will take the initiative to help him manage (I have verified, is true). So far, there are few such stationmaster to him.

after contact with him, I immediately wanted to ask him a few questions: first, what is the name of this forum called you? Chinese first? Second, you learn to ma? Why so good? Third, what do you use to start the creative forum? The webmaster to good answer, here to share with you:

first, the forum was called "Chinese Forum" at first. Then it was changed to, a medical examination network. That stationmaster is very sincere also say, the forum like this has a lot of, just our management way is different. Second, why do you have such a high understanding of the network, really a lot of webmaster slaving away is only a few hundred dollars a month, but he relaxed million, not simple! Master explained: because they are careful to do, very concerned about what users need, provide what, especially some very precious the medical examination data and medical research related information and so on. Therefore, many candidates have entered this forum, the future is frequent customers, that is, the rate of return visits is very high. Here, I suggest standing friends and some medical lovers, may as well go and see, there are many places we study.

and he has a medical counseling team, is to help the students who need help or guidance of counseling, so that they can pass smoothly, get what you want, this website is very care about customer value perception and feedback, prepare to be formal webmaster to learn, he a good example and take the lead role! Third, is how he uses his creativity to do this station, in other words how profitable? Many webmaster is very confused, for profit can not start, and hope that the webmaster contact a lot, you learn some lessons from him I also said, the webmaster, called his own experience as far as possible and we talk about. Here, I wrote this article in the name of an seoer


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