Alternative or complementary to the local website of the mobile nternet how to do

Alternative or complementary to the local website of the mobile nternet how to do

a few years ago, many people were asking: how big is micro-blog’s impact on BBS? Recently, many people are asking: will mobility affect local communities? Are new and old products revolutionary alternatives or complementary?


we analyze the events of 2011 and 2013, and the results of trial and error, which can make much clearer predictions than in 2011, and this is progress. From the current available information, we can pick some of the most noteworthy facts:

1, mobile Internet profit model is not yet clear.

so far, we have seen in the mobile internet field profit model: installation of APP channel charges, hand travel card fees, social marketing agencies in the intermediary services, advertising costs. Advertising costs are not as popular as desktop systems.


profit model is a result, not a process. Market maturity and user base are key factors. Therefore, the problem is that the current model of profit that many people try is not necessarily wrong, and new profit models will continue to emerge. Therefore, the failure is not necessarily because of the wrong method, but also may be inadequate conditions.

2, the flow inlet is not clear.

mature state of the desktop system traffic inlet is BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and Sina, and the entrance to the mobile Internet so far is not clear. A few years, we grab the terminal, grab browser, grab the open platform, grab the APP installation market. WeChat’s API is very practical in the past to achieve the expected Siri, people see that the development of open platform has just begun, the new traffic portal will continue to appear. It is also found that the value of the search in the mobile Internet is far less than the desktop system, puzzling.

traffic is the biggest entrance of suspense is HTML5 – the future of mobile phone systems, the mainstream approach is applied, or new browser


3, for local websites, a few years of trying to prove that mobile products in this field are characterized by: low technical barriers, low channel dependence.

like BBS discuz, but the final system like phpwind, where the website of the product side. APP of different sites is easy to transplant and copy. Development costs have fallen from $about 100000 in 2011 to $10000, and there has been a downward trend.

local website APP for each installation market dependence is also low, each market brings very little installed capacity, each station also does not hope that the installation is nonlocal. This means that its own platform installation and push is the mainstream of local website installed capacity channels.

4, service requirements high: localization services for service requirements than the national general APP requirements higher, more detailed, more landing.

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