A few small ways to improve the quality of your site

A few small ways to improve the quality of your site

mentioned the quality of the site, so many people will say, this is certainly the basic conditions for the survival of the site, this problem, all of the station friends are very clear. However, there are still many webmasters may not understand this? How to improve the quality of the website? A high quality website including what content, what specific optimization measures SEO? Then today I will talk about some of my personal experience, do stand, just to give you a reference! Tell the new Adsense, key to the attention of the local.

The structure and layout of

, ZhengZhan page also known as page layout, there is a principle, namely after the first, the principle of right to left. When all the search engine search tasks in the implementation of the search order of them are with me now as said the same, so we should do as the principle, which is conducive to more effective information search engines crawl the page.

two, the content must be original, for a long time down, you will find very good. Generally speaking, search engines measure whether a website is qualified or not. It is one of the important factors of high quality. In short, it is what users think is good and what they like. Search engine, it will also like your content. Because your goal is Internet users, the content is best able to highlight the characteristics and professionalism of the site, to attract peer reference and reprint.

more than 3 spend time testing site, ensure the site without internal error. Some useless internal links can be avoided. Some internal errors such as dead links are unavoidable. Some changes can also be made through user experience. The website is aimed at the user and the user’s opinion is very important.

four, reverse link. General friendship links to find some peer site to do friends chain, so it will improve the chain of the relevant content of the recognition. Better to have more high quality outside the chain, and then improve the quality of the chain.

five, the frequency of site updates to adhere to the original stability to ensure the stability of the add, do not suddenly one day blood cramps updated a lot, to maintain the stability of the update is the most important that your site to pull more customers.

six, the content of the website more time rich website content. Content website can lock the user, a website without content is destined to be the website that does not develop. Hope you spend more time enriching the content of the website, this is the most important thing.

above is my personal experience,.

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