s the content important or important

s the content important or important

remember to let learning SEO, we have two colleagues often to "content is king" and "the chain as the emperor" for intense debate, for the web site, in the end is the content is important or the chain is important,


1, originality is important, but not the most important.

We often talked about the

website to write some original article, it will increase the weight of the website, the original content is very important, but it is not the most important, but sometimes you can reprint articles, not your article is not good, my Sina blog article wholly intact the reproduced www.fh16.cn/fk/fk_ydy/ydylcbx/ article, although his articles have been included, but the ranking is far from my Sina blog ranking. Here to tell you is that, if reproduced is a well-known Web site, that is not good, but if reproduced some obscure small websites, and your station PR high, included a good turn, the search engine will naturally think of these reprint the content on your own, so you re the. Therefore, the original site does not necessarily have to be original, but reprint is to have skills.

2, an important update site? The most important thing is, we also have a station, because there is no update for a month, so the PR value decreased from 3 to 2, especially can be updated or necessary.

3, keyword optimization. For us, we certainly hope that we have a lot of good keywords ranking, we must first ensure the relevant content on our website, then we also need some external links through the anchor text would support. In general, long tail keywords do up, and the main keywords will follow up, find the key words want to optimize, just let other Webmaster Help you do the word link.

4, for example, the chain of very powerful function. Believe that every webmaster all know website for the website, look at the weight, with Baidu or Google search "preparation", it is famous in the first row, and then check the website of the PR was out of 10 points. No way ah, who let almost all of the record site link to this by all webmaster despise user experience bad site?.


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