About financing the other side bid 200 thousand almost sold the station

About financing the other side bid 200 thousand almost sold the station

every day on the A5, do not share their own construction experience, I feel very sorry for everyone, but also as a whining bar…

my website is in the case of insufficient funds to run, from inception to now 2 months, the current team of 3 people together to develop. In December, the website prototype has been formed, considered to speed up development, want to know now what need capital, I believe this is the most key problem of webmaster. Yes, we are lack of funds, lack of funds is not necessarily what people do, not to find, if you can’t find it, think of his method, can’t let he became a real reason to hinder our development;

After careful consideration with partners,

believes financing is necessary, although the funds on hand can support for some time, but long-term development still requires capital input. Often heard of who is financing, financing of tens of millions of dollars to relax, to know their financing to finance my personal sorrow and joy, is a good webmaster, to know their financing is an ideal


I really don’t mind them with sharp questions and turned back at, after all is a high risk investment site, of course, also have a high return, if you don’t succeed, give you money and investment by fire are small, they caution should be considerate of


during the 16 days of financing way, enjoy 16 days of suffering, in this process, only 2 people of interest in our project, one to bid 200 thousand to buy my station, if a year ago, I could promise.

200 thousand for us, is not a small number, my partner and I the same heart, and several heated discussions to sell or not to sell, the reluctant their children on the grounds, but refused to answer.


, the problem is not solved now, keep on working… Complaining is finished… Comfortable," Fang Xingdong said. "The money is not enough: and the money will never be enough.". They always make the best websites when they don’t have enough money." This sentence is useful to my team, and I hope it’s also useful for those who are financing headaches.

if there is communication financing experience friends, welcome to e-mail to me, my mailbox is [email protected], we discuss discussion, ha ha,



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