A post 90 rookie station experience

A post 90 rookie station experience

, first of all, I’m a rookie. I’m 90 and still studying in college.

I’ve been in touch with the concept of networking for two months now. Perhaps for many experts, two months is enough to do a lot of things; but for my former computer only to play games online rookie, two months is too short, and too fast. These two months, I learned a lot of things I haven’t heard before, such as SEO, such as network start-ups, such as building sites such as WP, DEDE and so on. "Well, nonsense," said here, below to talk about as a rookie site of some experience.

younger brother for the first time here post, also hope that the experts here to give advice and encouragement, little brother thank you.

about 20 days ago, I’ve been searching the Internet for information about buying space and domain names. I was a little confused about the opinions on the internet. Because I attended a SEO study class, there was a teacher who instructed me to buy the space domain name. Here I want to say, want to build a good, build a stable stand, it is best to listen to their guidance and experience, to buy. Don’t covet cheap things so as not to happen in the future. I bought Hongkong space, and then bound the domain name and space, and then in accordance with our training video tutorials, the rest of the trivial work done, an initial bare station formed.

, the first step is done. But when I was ready to show my face to the naked station, I found a very awkward problem. I think I have a part of the teacher in the class, but when I really let myself practice, but a little bit fameng. From the analysis of the main keywords, to analyze the direction of the site, to each article should do a few within the chain is appropriate, how to build the chain. These problems have come, so I was very anxious. At this point, I want to tell the same novice webmaster friends, just beginning to be doomed to many difficulties, but must adhere to. In fact, when we started we can hold on, because the drive in, we believe that a good construction, the difficulty in execution. I was using some of the analysis of keyword software, coupled with the use of Baidu index and many other auxiliary tools, it is not smooth to determine their own keywords. Next is according to the teacher’s method, the description of the website and so on. So, the second step is completed, that is, the initial preparation of the site.

third step, and also the most important step, is to add content to the site. We all know, content is king, the chain is emperor. Good content is the heart of the website. We need to keep updating our articles, and it’s better to be original. Search engine for the original article attitude is much better than pseudo original, and pseudo original is still more trouble. At this point, we have to come up with our execution to continue to update at least one original article every day. If you want to effectively enrich the content of the web site, increase the spider’s good impression of the site, or write honestly


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