Open Baidu optimization veil listen northeast man to you chatter

Open Baidu optimization veil listen northeast man to you chatter

can be said that you are the whole website elite mentioned website optimization is that set should toss about, seems to want to say what also want to hide what creak hum whole bunch of things without depth, let you see if there is no point in fact understand a lot of miscellaneous understand, I will do not pull East pull West straight to the theme here, the following are my personal muddleheaded summary but very useful, because my site I make the keyword first, it ran here with you on your right, he was wrong.

1 web site title

In fact, this

is a website but a commonplace talk of an old scholar so something, to see who’s going through. In fact, this is your site title site keywords, it is equivalent to your shop front signs, the only difference is that the front sign was to see the living guide search engine website title is to "die Ding". The search engine, no matter how he was designed, did it, so we must master its habits. The title is very concise, clear theme, can appropriate some overlap keyword but must grasp the scale, I personally do not agree with the accumulation of keywords, because of your website as long as the sub pages indexed by search engines you covering your how many stations there are that many aspects of the show in front of everyone, like let’s go to the search engine search movie Kaka dry out several episodes where there is not who can play in the forum Laoke whole sentence or who casually top posts one, right? So a reason I said you will understand, so I told you the accumulation of keywords how stupid. Another point is that don’t pay special attention to the title and the content does not match, is that people talk of "cry up wine and sell vinegar" it demonstrates, as long as checked out a positive one down.

2 content update

this sees a title to understand, namely website content must be updated from time to time, this is the most painstaking also is the most important. You and I don’t know how the whole website general my whole website is heading out as long as the content framework of agile I shoved to the site to add content is what I do not have the power, a new web site a little traffic are not updated to see who? When the content finger a few hours is updated cramp, but I after a long time the cramp concluded: website content update is correct, because the search every day to update your website, you update more frequently it is positive, instead you don’t update the contents of the search engines also tell you lazy specific you can observe the server log you can, I personally think it is good for us more frequency, at least it can cause the attention of the whole hand to want to like girls first do is to let her pay attention to me, and then say to Next, ha ha ha, but as for him several times a day to give you time to update the snapshot that is the thing this I didn’t quite understand complex research.

The weight problem of

3 site

I’d like to talk about the weight problem


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