Monthly water 5 million or quarterly flow 5 million two options for micro dealers next

Monthly water 5 million or quarterly flow 5 million two options for micro dealers next

in yesterday’s article "two micro merchants (on)" in seedling explains the derivative some once the true state of survival, but also to refresh the micro business has proposed several suggestions, because many agents are beginning to dumped goods and planning of new products, and make second choices the micro business is more and more solid. Today, let’s talk about the second choices for micro traders.

second options: Quarterly water 5 million, forming brands, roots products and customers, adhere to make friends with customers,

recently spread the story: if 1 million or 100 friends are in front of you, you have to make a choice. Would you choose 1 million or 100 friends? Think about your answer. The final choice is, by its own ability to ascend, to 100 has the same ability to friends, to borrow 10 thousand from each friend, there are 1 million, then you can go to do the things you want to do, but I have 100 friends.

is in fact the real circle of people is above every crazy scraper, they know one thing that is one of my friends is my greatest wealth, I do business friends to support the most precious, just to make money to bother friends will be isolated in the circle, but lost the real power. To make friends with customers, this is the essence of returning to the circle of friends Marketing – emotional marketing.

The first product

seedling in the circle of friends to do is rain, and a butterfly team do black wolfberry, a year down the team is developing channels, solid development of customers, not to engage in a set of agents that refresh flicker, so did a month about 1000000 of the water, whether agents or customers are is to be able to talk to friends. Some of the market to make money and fudge agent into the final agent price goods to disrupt the market situation has not appeared in here, every agent must be eaten black wolfberry and believe that quality is willing to share with their friends, some customers ate 4 months the custom agent, this team mode, must to find the most accurate customer groups, and is one of the most healthy pattern, because customers love to buy, no big ups and downs, steady under the product brand and personal brand among friends stood up feet, the greatest wealth is to Everfount. At the same time the team through the circle of friends, the channel spread to the entity pharmacies, nightclubs, cafes, beauty salons and other stores, is a chain store enterprises stationed in the channel, in order to realize the circle of friends as the foundation, the WeChat circle of friends made a reality of the circle of friends, the combination of network channels and realistic channels and set up their own team, company, or enterprise. In the future, through changes in the product line, to adapt to the rhythm of friends circle, through existing channels, the laying of extended products, to achieve the scale of the company’s development. With this mindset, you will be able to accomplish your brand.

say a major grocery store, but never taking micro scraper. In the big bear, there is a Swiss beauty who works for skin care


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