nstant success activity pages information expression rules

nstant success activity pages information expression rules

during the holidays, all kinds of operations, promotional activities such as the emergence of nebulae, in many activities, how to make your active page design stand out, in the shortest possible time hold live user footsteps. Let’s take a look at the active page information display rule to help your active pages enhance instant destruction.

1. Important information highlights

Important information is:

– active page activity title (let the user know what activities, prizes (in) can get what) and participate in the entrance (into the task flow channel), participation rules (how to participate in activities, activities) valid time, ranking or winning information.

activities title (including verb), active effective time, awards, participation, entrance must be complete, including the first screen security zone, activities rules may be included in the security zone.


activity text information uses inverted Pyramid structure, summarizing information at the top, diminishing importance in turn. Enable users to browse the web site for a minimum of time to get a general picture of the activity.


two. The task operation flow is smooth.

before the user starts the task, if the task flow needs to be rendered step by step, a graphical flow diagram is needed to enable the user to understand the overall steps of the task.


user tasks, if you use dialog boxes to load the steps of the task flow, you need to provide the "last step, the next step" boot mechanism.


: when you complete your task, if you are currently out of the active page, you need to design the interaction mechanism that returns the active page:

a) automatically jumps back to the active page after the activity is complete.

advantages: automatically jump back to

disadvantage: when an active completion page hosts other functions, automatic jump back is not possible.

b) the active completion page provides links to active page returns.

advantages: can be completed after the completion of the activities can not automatically jump back to the situation.

disadvantage: users need to manually trigger the return link

C) the active page opens the modal dialog box.

advantages: close the dialog box to return.

disadvantage: it is not suitable to use dialog box when it needs to load more information and function.

d) active page reserved, new open page Jump out.

advantages: low cost of technology implementation. < >


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