Novice Adsense do navigation website is the only way

Novice Adsense do navigation website is the only way

, the relatively large navigation websites in China, are 123, 265 and 114. 114, there are open source start code, I also use 114 of the source code to start the site, the Internet would like to open the web a little faster. Generally larger sites open speed is very fast, a small station, if you want to open web pages very fast, the first is the station itself is very strong technology, otherwise it is very rich, please some experts to do. However, the network is so advanced today, experts are slowly learning to increase their own technology. Beginners want to learn some optimization techniques to optimize their own stations, often do not know how to start. Often find information messed up by some other interference. Today I use 114 network navigation source station, built to open the site is very slow compared with the domestic navigation station is simply can not be compared, especially in the open web speed. We should all know the station are using CDN, because of their abundant capital also superb technology.

small Adsense what to compare with them? In fact, very simple, network without borders. There is no doubt that you can find anything you want. Like what I found, use Firefox (fire alone) plus Firebug, Page Speed to optimize my navigation website ( Open the speed not much difference between stations. No, believe it, try The station did not use CDN, but not accomplish optimization. When you look at the data, the data won’t lie. The point of optimization is JS, and CSS uses gzip web code to get rid of useless spaces. Looked at other people’s optimization, the webmaster itself to practice a down, verify that other people’s optimization method is effective, over time, your strength will have. User experience is always number one.

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