Online advertising is unlikely to get rich overnightFruit cool how will more players share the billi

Online advertising is unlikely to get rich overnightFruit cool how will more players share the billi

if the content of the advertisement is rigid and can append any form of content, it will arrive anywhere. If you advertise content around specific content, these ads can appear anywhere. Even a highly protected brand can not be stopped. If we continue to advertise to interrupt users’ browsing experience, they might convince users to watch the content first.

do fresh cut fruit, B2C is not as good as B2B


but it was such a wide screen that gave Jia a solid blow.

entrepreneurial origins: find demand from life

in the past, advertisers wanted to do television commercials, and they had to assess the content and see where it was not necessary to broadcast live. Now, the responsibility of advertising agencies and distributors is to train and guide them, and advertisers are under pressure to adapt to new advertising models.

find the starting point of the analysis of the China Jia ran this market: one in this area is not yet a big game player, or a blue ocean; two is to eat fruit every day, is the real opportunity cost; three is a small start, do not put too much money and energy can do. In June 2010, the three driving factors of opportunity, Jia ran founded the fresh cut fruit, fruit cool electricity supplier.

these issues can now be ignored, but as the media matures, the importance of these issues will become increasingly prominent. Unless we now rain did not plan, otherwise we will not find too many have >

now, the way we watch content in free video is changing.

In the beginning

this idea and emerge until second years, by chance, began to find information about the Ready Pac Jia ran to see the news, the first time that fresh cut fruit business in the United States has a history of 100 years.

in a trip, Jia ran chat with colleagues to employee health, then the four employees of the news of the sudden death is hot, chat in the process, he further found that white-collar work hard, but in contrast, the welfare of the staff is difficult to really follow up. He wanted to eat fruit, and it would be nice if someone cut the fruit every day.

, cool fruit every day about a single 50~100, but the average income is only 1000 dollars, even does not cover the cost. Within six months, under the absence of large promotional costs, 100 thousand >

of course, we can’t discount the advertising service companies. Many companies have launched or are launching streaming advertising solutions that may emphasize this issue. As shlf1314 continues to push its advertising model up and introduce innovative solutions, advertising publishers need to increase their advertising budgets. These budgets will be profitable through responsibility and primary control. From the beginning, TV commercials were not easy to assess. But the control of television advertising is the most powerful asset. Online video ads need to prove their accuracy as well as prove their accuracy.

Jia ran from 2010, so far summed up: 1 this market should have a large number of players coexist, "far from what my family can do."". First, this area has not yet big players, or a piece of blue ocean; two is a fruit every day to eat, is a real opportunity; three is small cost start, do not invest too much money and energy can do. 2 B2C form can not be played. 3 why foreign fresh cut fruits are so good and fresh for so long, because the fruit is picked from the back end to enter the whole supply chain. Every link has different players’ involvement and cooperation.

now buying ad specific online advertising must pay attention to the above issues. Ultimately, we must provide a standardized program that can draw attention to the dispersed TV audience. Now, there may be a solution to these problems. Usually, we launch copyrighted video or content player software. If sufficient advertisers need such assessment products, companies such as Brightcove, VideoEgg and can be in a favorable position to commercialize.

how can we understand more content, determine the ads are browsing environment? How do we make this environment provide a sensitive advertisers? How do we provide advertising solutions, so that the user can accept, even if the display content of advertisement information

2007, Ready Pac in the field of fresh cut fruit to create a $700 million sales myth, to become a benchmark. The same is done fresh cut fruit business Jia ran, from this figure behind to see a ten billion class big market, Ready Pac’s success is only one of the iceberg. "· manager" of the network operators in the world; fruit cool Jia ran interview analysis of venture deep content in this field.

the initial stage, Jia ran and his partner had only 100 thousand yuan of working capital, in order to reduce the risk, he remained in the original good treatment units, part-time cool fruit. Their idea is very optimistic: all Beijing "where people eat fruit", the promotion is basically a flyer.

in the past, we had to tune in to specific channels. And in the future, we will usher in the era of advertising and distribution content. Now the content is portable, and it’s everywhere. YouTube has attracted the attention of the world for loading content, and this has become a common phenomenon now. Any user who writes a blog or other content on the MySpace site can theoretically display it. Now, we use the word "plug-in" to measure application loading.


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