nterview with Wang Wei Farewell to the potatoes then start to anchorCan’t you really make money

nterview with Wang Wei Farewell to the potatoes then start to anchorCan’t you really make money

mall order = webmaster IP number *5%*1%

these days to find some friends to exchange Links, see the discussion about Wangzhuan site traffic, see a lot of is ten thousand, envy, but to see everyone is the means to make money on their website advertising, waiting for settlement, but also a lot of people questioned whether this money. Whether can long, I do not know Wangzhuan, also want to make money, but also no traffic, only by buying products, so I thought of a way, hope to get your expert comments and suggestions.

if a webmaster website IP on each order is 10000, the amount of 300 yuan because Adult supplies, I do know that the industry average amount of the lowest order so much, but a single commodity number is greater than 1

first introduce myself, I am not a webmaster, but because they do not know the network this beach water depth but mistakenly hit in. I may be a lot of people here sister, Harbin, for 6 years Adult supplies business in Shanghai, but this industry increasingly chaotic, many domestic products there may be a large difference in price for the same product, this is why? In fact, and dress like the truth, but the real imports of foreign products, because of various factors, it is difficult to buy, but the price is very high, basically on the market are mostly shoddy. So in the Triumphal Arch a few years later, he decided to we do business on the Internet, a lot of things out of sight, then began in June of this year, to August, got a lot of friends, set up a website: 510995 adult health information network, also spent a lot of time and money. The domain name server, Program, template, shelves and so on are starting from zero, pay people, cheated, no service, like this a few months are realized. Rolling climb up to now, the site also set up.

in March 2013, he was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for the first time publicly delivering a signal to create animation studios and start again. In July 31st, he is located in Beijing, the Arts District Office of the spotlight and tiger sniffing chat more than three hours with simple lunch. He said he talked about animation in four months ago, a lot of problems at the time did not think clearly, no fixed plate; and now, the spotlight animation to do a what kind of company, the first movie is what kind of, have become clearer.

if the mall product link on the webmaster website, through the webmaster website to browse a single transaction successfully in the mall, the owners will get sales commissions. For example, according to the commodity price of 8% of the Commission, the webmaster can earn money?

traffic -> orders = Commission

in recent four or five years, domestic animation film in the collective sprout, but often wore the first domestic animation XX "XX here various concepts, which may be the film type, there may be some sort of Technology after the name of marketing a cinema, and the audience doesn’t buy it, now the highest grossing single record or by" pleasant goat and grey wolf, is the billions of dollars of results, with box office soared to Sansiwuyi nowadays hundreds of live action movies too than. These two days, claiming to be China’s "first use of cloud computing technology" 3D animated film see >!



if we calculate according to the normal conversion rate of 1%, 100 people browse, 1 people order the proportion, according to the proportion of 5% visits.

March 12, 2012, Tudou announces merger with youku. August 24th, Youku Tudou announced the completion of the merger transaction, tudou on the same day on the NASDAQ delisting, Wang Wei CEO announced his retirement as tudou. Perhaps since then, his micro-blog title has changed to "roaming Wang Wei"".

although the title still shows up on micro-blog’s home page today, Wang Wei, who has decided to join the animation, has apparently stepped out of the "roaming" state". He once again positioned himself as an entrepreneur. He tried again to build a team. Once again he kept a high concentration of attention for the new creation. Also: once again with venture capital although he has repeatedly stressed that capital is the easiest thing for him today. Once again, face the media that once bothered him.

on Saturday evening August 3rd, Wang Wei on the one hand, is the creation of potatoes and get rid of it. invited dozens of Internet, media and entertainment circle of friends, he went to the newly created spotlight animation office Party, dubbed the "greenhouse". This is the first time in the spotlight since the creation of so many guests. Several bosses in the video industry have come, Gu Yongqiang Youku potatoes, Chen Yizhou 56, Feng Xin storm. Two years ago, it was an impossible party.

now, Wang Wei has been able to chat with them as a friend rather than a direct indirect competitor.

well, the first question that I encounter is: how do people know how can I stand, I want to buy the goods, you want to get the information on our website? I don’t know, the beginning of the establishment of blog, but the issue was quickly deleted, said advertising, but do not know where the investment, also see the brush was cheated, like, although not very understand, but know what may be a rich man’s game, not for me to play.

now, follow the entire team do not add up to 20 people. They work in a small building in one of the art districts outside the five rings northeast of Beijing. Light in this building to rent about more than 1600 square meters of area, office decoration style is simple and does not lose the attention. Make room, sound room, view room…… The prototype of a purebred animation company.


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