Optimization of content pages for ad depth optimizationnside SP profiteering chain operator platfor

Optimization of content pages for ad depth optimizationnside SP profiteering chain operator platfor

"why am I so sure, because I used to be SP and have dealings with these people?"." Chen Sheng said, he has now retired, leaving the SP industry. But out of conscience, he hoped to expose the invisible men in broad daylight.

how to achieve this? Apply channel connection + new library column connection is a good way, in addition to do some related articles connection.

it is worth emphasizing that the words I said must be combined with the content of the text to some, not fabricated. If in a piece of printer article, you make ", fund, Shenzhen index and other keywords must be considered illegal.

mysterious person exclusive broke the profits of the chain of real behind the scenes master "

two, web keywords optimization,

but we can optimize the page and make the page theme clear, which also helps to match the ads that are closely related to the theme of the page. For example, in a printer’s page, do not appear " expression, model download" text connection, this will mislead the advertising match. If the printer page, only "brand printers, printer, printer driver skills" connection, advertisement, only printer related advertising, and will not match the advertising, advertising writing.

"at that time they asked us to split 73.". They do promotion, we are only responsible for taking care of the relationship with operators." Chen Sheng recalled that he agreed to the CP company’s request with an attitude of trial, and the results of the first month surprised him: "that month’s performance exceeded 500 thousand yuan, and his SP company."

technology has been in the SP voice service has been popularized. But it is not the SP company but the other people in the industry chain who really master the technology." Chen Sheng calls these people "invisible people" on the grounds that some people in the industry don’t even know they’re there, but these "invisible people" are behind the scenes on SP’s profits chain.


mysterious invisible man

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

According to Chen Sheng

one, advertising unit price test is the theme, many people put advertising code embedded in iframe, so that sh419 theme promotion and Adsense advertising can not be a good analysis of web content. It matches some high price advertising. This technique is suspected of cheating, so it is generally not recommended.

cool movie little write in his 26 years old, December 1, 2008. qun: 40641769

lets each content page have unique keywords, such as article A, HP printer, printing equipment, consumables". Article B, even if the content type of a can also change, such as "HP, printing skills, fault"

, his former company mainly engaged in Unicom 10159 NICAM voice service, because of the expansion of fatigue, has been mediocre performance, the monthly income of less than a million. Until one day early last year, a "CP" business promotion banner of small companies found him, and asked to cooperate with him. From then on he began to deal with these invisible people.

"Although the

"obviously I’m alone in my home. No one is playing a chat hotline. Why is it more time-consuming to pay for the phone and 200 yuan more information without any reason?""

not long ago, "Financial Times" an expose SP by TV, SMS, interactive game profit in-depth reports caused great sensation in society, but also caused a middle-aged man in Beijing Chen Sheng alias attention.

June 10th, a cafe in Beijing Haidian, Chen Sheng to the "Financial Times" reporter broke the news that the SP voice telephone the biggest profits TV pathways are not interaction, but through a unique "hacking": a simulated call.

over the past few years, the Internet has been full of such complaints. "It was just because users complained to us about something like that that I began to discover the presence of invisible people, and what’s called analog calling technology." Chen Sheng said.

today I’m talking about the high depth optimization, but there are too few people online. Oh, well, I’ll simply say, "just the essence.

three, web TITLE optimization, TITLE is best in line with grammatical habits, then the contents of the core content can be added inside, not too long, do not pile up keywords.

"last month, our company moved and the telephone was dismantled. Why is there an information fee?""

, in the middle of a food chain formed by telecom operators, SP and three users, has "invisible man" that has never been known. However, these "invisible man" is SP profit chain behind the scenes master

four, shlf1314 Adsense often use advertising code 200 words, the page’s URL path to match advertising, so these two also pay great attention to

"why is there an information service charge when our phone calls are restricted?""


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