Depth tap the site’s profit potential Li Xueling tells a story time waits for no man; the situation

Depth tap the site’s profit potential Li Xueling tells a story time waits for no man; the situation

The listing of

2. if your website content is very complex waste like me according to the visitor’s age, consumption custom related product promotion.

, who likens him to YY as "living in the shadow of the Tencent Empire", says, "who isn’t the startup,

Li Xueling and his investors know, takes stock by "concept" to move the investment institutions of the era of the past, even Facebook IPO, waiting for its fate but also break and the market downturn.

In short: the

              to say one of my own example: I have a garbage station, the main collection is computer programming related articles. Flow from hundreds of thousands to the peak period of last year, about 20 thousand, recently dropped to more than 10 thousand. The money did not earn a few, just from the shlf1314 Adsense view it from the beginning of December 2005 a few days ago to the total income: 2000$. Remove the domain name space costs also earned a few money. It is a few days ago shlf1314 shielded my domain, said I suspected copyright issues, and gave me a few examples: there are several articles written by the serial number is office2003, Download address. The biggest source of income is broken, but to find the union to do the earth people know: a monthly income of less than a maximum but sanwubo. Every day at the station has no power to do.

According to

faces a dramatic change in valuations, and everyone feels a strong price pressure – YY’s share price could be less than $11 per share. Under the terms of the contract, YY must obtain the signature of the tiger fund before listing, and if it is estimated to be less than $11, the tiger has the right to


finished this thing I found that I have not finished writing fast: write, are to blame for diving.

              did not write anything for a long time, expression ability is getting worse, through 2006, enter the 2007 Wangzhuan like Wang Xiaoer new year, year after year, website income declining situation, web site should be how to dig their own revenue potential?

later analysis:

icebreaker tour

Li Xueling described the 2012 time – the worst 2011 Alipay VIE storm and electricity bubble, American capital market from the beginning of the epidemic to do the air takes stock of the game, this year, handle, China auto rental has to withdraw the listing application, and YY before the successful case of the only the only product is described as a tragic "bleed listed".

              website users are mainly students, so I contacted a local do airbrush tattoo enterprises in the online promotion of their projects for students with summer few people do, then according to 10% of sales commission. A fairly good income, almost every single.

flow as a rotten cabbage price alliance, as to their.

I suggest that you can according to their own station, browse the main crowd terminal to do market:

in addition to Li Xueling, under the pressure of the market, as well as YY investment shareholders. In addition to start Lei $1 million angel investment, before the listing of YY a total of 4 rounds of financing, the total amount of $95 million, the last time it financing occurred in 2011, when the Tiger Fund at $11 per share, $75 million.

When ?

capital market downturn, but also gave Li Xueling a lot of pressure, which in 2011 with the electricity supplier bubble and mobile Internet investment boom in stark contrast. This dramatic difference is also reflected in the valuation of YY, said Li Xueling, 2011 to YY the lowest investment is $3 billion, by 2012, he gave the company is set to $1 billion 600 million, while in the United States roadshow, the price fell to $600 million.

about the competition, Li Xueling has an interesting analogy, he said, "the Internet is cutting rice, who cut much who wins. No knife, you cut me, I’ll have one less".

1. can according to your own website to contact the local enterprises to help them earn commission sales win-win situation, enterprises are welcome.

returned from the market, Li Xueling received an interview with the local media, and at the dinner party he was relieved to repeat the old saying. As a reporter, Li Xueling knows how to deal with the media, but after his business, he deliberately left the media at a distance. It was the first high-profile appearance of Li Xueling and YY, and before that, he and YY were only partly visible in the Internet news.

YY has been described by the outside world as "the ice breaking trip"".

"the worst of times is the best."".

low-key stealth decades later, Li Xueling finally narrowly took YY to the Nasdaq, financing $81 million 900 thousand. After IPO, Li Xueling and his YY is then cut the rice, and began to cut the knife


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