How to make use of the unlimited replication of networks and information prophets to make moneyTake

How to make use of the unlimited replication of networks and information prophets to make moneyTake

since the eighteen party, the central authorities to decentralization as a breakthrough, to promote economic transformation, the release of social vitality, social investment and entrepreneurial innovation enthusiasm burst. The day before, Beijing Normal University Labor Market Center released "2015 Labor Market Research Report" shows that since 2015, the number of new enterprises Chinese every day nearly 1 million. At present, Beijing has formed the largest Asian "hackerspaces", Shenzhen Huaqiang North has been regarded as a "hit off the Holy land".

thing should be from the prime minister Keqiang "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom began to talk.

save all chips?

Abstract: at present, the industry is gradually aware of the importance of all the chips industry to china. What we need to do is to make a call before this moment comes, and don’t let the industry repeat the net lending mistakes.



, for example, I sell a hook to make money on 100 yuan of operating the project in their own station fish Amoy I give you, the so-called profiteering project this hook to make money, I first spend 10 dollars to buy from the others, I do not have to open it, I will not go to operation, according to the third my people, the seller’s shop, advertisement, all copy, and then go to the forum to send a message, two hours later, I sold two sets, earn the cost and earned $10 in second days, I spent 50 yuan on the forum, bought a bit of advertising, the day I sold 6 sets, and cost recovery, after each set, all I earn the

yes, save all the chips.

addition, in two markets, the latest data released by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange before the date of the display, as of December 31, 2015, the total market value of the gem reached 5 trillion and 591 billion 625 million yuan, representing a growth of 3 trillion and 406 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 155.90%. In 2015, a total of 86 companies listed on the gem, there are 492 companies listed on the gem, an increase of 21.18%. As of December 31, 2015, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has a total of 1746 listed companies, the market capitalization of 23 trillion and 610 billion yuan.

the problem is that, for most of the small and micro enterprises spawned by public entrepreneurship, as light assets and the advent of the Internet era, they are difficult to obtain loans through banks, such as asset valuation. Therefore, in this case, the Internet finance came into being.

above data show that, in the case of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, financing demand is also increasing.

before writing this article, the author once thought over and over again: "all the chips are very important? How to raise all the chips? How to save?

, this is a model that can be understood as "10 bucks project". Do you think if this item is 100? How much did I make on the first day? How much would I earn every day?

however, the means of financing is very limited: bank loans, equity financing, bond financing, lease financing, overseas financing, mortgage financing, this in several ways to has a certain scale of large and medium-sized enterprises, has been able to meet the financing needs.

why do people buy from you? That’s the difference of information. He doesn’t know. He has no contact. He doesn’t understand, so he buys it with you. I recommend you to explore the project, is to go to the project, but they do not have to, as long as know the truth on the line, and then you sell them, of course I said the project, is the project that you can copy, you go to advertising, to sell, so simple.

can copy: copy others, paste in your computer is you. For example, when you see someone else’s advertisement, he is selling a project. Let’s say hang up software, he can advertise for items. Every day he is in a profit, then you copy his advertisements, or even copy it to Taobao, buy it, you can sell, sell a you will earn a when you finish a project, which is to replicate its advertisements, a copy of Taobao, start to make money, then you will be very boring, because you are waiting for someone else to buy, then you can start looking for a project, so you can also do a lot of projects

, however, new problems arise at the same time: as an important financing tool for the Internet financial industry, the P2P problem continues, and the risks are also growing. It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to trust. After last year’s market moving goods transit business review, the reporter interviewed by many people in the industry, P2P industry is gradually return to rational. 91 financial co-founder Wu Wenxiong believes that the future of the P2P industry is most likely to develop into asset management and consumer finance based Internet banking platform, and >

others advertising to promote their own projects, he is in a profit, otherwise he will not advertise, then we copy, we can also share money with him, and we can do it every day several projects at the same time, you can think about it, how much profit, so I have the basic mode of operation that is, go to the forum, forum, watching others advertising, to see what he said, to buy its software, buy it in the tutorial, you can tell him to buy, then you can also sell myself, of course, the premise is that you want to make sure this thing, you can copy it to sell there are some things, such as referral commission, I sell a hook project software, the registered address which is providing me with me, people buy, will become my downline, I have a profitable channel, and And I don’t have to go to the operation of this line of thought, is not the same as with traditional Wangzhuan, he is not himself to the operation of the project, click to register ah, what, just buying and selling, you like in reality, we bought a pair of shoes, if we want to make money, it is.


how did China raise all its chips?


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