265 cnzz integral plan to guide the new registered advertisingSkillfully use day to earn 200 yuan

265 cnzz integral plan to guide the new registered advertisingSkillfully use day to earn 200 yuan

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1. in my space to write a diary, this topic is the "you are Alipay account? Go free to receive 10 towels, I have successfully received.". Then will I receive a successful screenshot at the beginning, the next step will be to write clearly, and the key steps in the screenshot shows, of course, I built my promotion link in steps, such a soft promotion written.

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now, I’d like to sum up my gains and losses in this promotion

all of a sudden, a promotion plan went through my mind……

is known to all, invite friends to group purchase network news is 10 yuan rebate, so I use this free products to start the promotion, in 29 hours, successfully invited 20 friends to purchase orders, get a $200 rebate.

well, well. In December 18th, I saw in a group where a message, said the comment channel free of Alipay group purchase gold membership account 20 yuan cash coupon, so to comment a concern about I is rare on the HA group purchase. The direct use of Alipay landed the group purchase found presented 20 yuan cash coupon can be arbitrary, there is no limit to buy anything.


the specific method is:

downloads and uses the integration program from the CNZZ integration plan site;

above is my promotion methods, is actually very simple, when the night of December 19th 9 when the group purchase at the end, I went to check the amount of the rebate, there are 200 yuan, I was surprised.

! !The

welcome all your partners to take part in it, increase your efforts and get higher commission.

users can query points by jifen.cnzz, exchange points, and keep abreast of the CNZZ integration plan, the latest activities and so on.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: lianmeng

conversion rate is extremely high, suitable for any site launch,

has become a registered user of an integral scheme, accessing the Internet and gaining revenue at the same time!

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

online users can get points when using the integration plan, product length, number of times, or participate in CNZZ research, and exchange their points for their favorite items.


everybody, I am Xiaomin, a rookie webmaster, and today I want to share with you, I used the two days ago to earn 200 yuan to buy rebate experience. Before you write, don’t say anything. First of all, this is what I mean.


2. is the next promotion, I mainly do 3 things, one is to let my friends to this blog may be reproduced, because advertising signs are heavier, the Tencent did not pass the audit, cannot be displayed in their space, off the road. Two is in a few local forum made advertising news, but because BBS popularity is not enough, seems to have little effect. The three is in a dozen groups in my hair at the news content is: "good luck today, Alipay gave me 10 towels, ha ha. If you are a gold Alipay account, can collect oh." At this point, the friends of the gold account will ask me how to receive, and I told him in private how to receive, so that the promotion is very accurate.

How does

uses CNZZ research assistant software;

get points:

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

participates in CNZZ research activities.

registration process is simple, the required option only username and password, email three!

CNZZ joint major software vendors, game providers for the majority of Internet users to provide long-term returns, long-term support and love for our products, the vast number of Internet users to provide an integral platform for gifts.


CNZZ integration program will provide more abundant gifts for Internet users.

I searched, there was a 19.9 yuan 10 towel group purchase activities, so I personally ordered test since the money is donated, found website can be used, I did not spend a penny to this 19.9 yuan Towel Group down.

The !

, thank you for all the support from webmaster friends,

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