What am missing from making money onlineShanghai Telecom star room VPS VPS host a network of

What am missing from making money onlineShanghai Telecom star room VPS VPS host a network of

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2006 selling computer, I have nothing, see friends to engage in online trade is made, and then find the family to borrow money and bought a computer telephone and other equipment with an air of importance to start a business, every day on the Internet to find customers with orders to find the factory. Because you did not do long own loaning failed again, still hungry for several weeks in the stomach is often no 10 fen. It’s normal to have no food at all for two days. The loss of a lot of money this time, the last computer and other equipment has also been stolen by fellow villagers, leaving the rent, water, electricity, telephone charges and so on a bunch of fees. Only to work, but also finally found a factory to do IPQC, but also the cost will go back home. People have always said that I got black sheep. Good-for-nothing, and so on. This… I lack is not money, the more experience.

      sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that the current group purchase is over, but you can:

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      more preferential products are in a group of stores: http://s.mall.etuan/     

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        the webmaster group purchase Pudong data center of Shanghai Telecom star room VPS, independent IP Host Unlimited! CPU: Xeon quad core 5520*2, 1G memory, 30G hard disk. 5M peak, send independent IP one, optional linux/windows system, nine years high-quality ISP qualification, IDC operators!


will get a salary to buy a computer is almost, agreed to the company under the leadership of the company network, and to my teacher like to engage in network marketing. After work on the Internet waiting for him to appear, did not wait a few days. One month later, one day he was on the line, but the result was a national crackdown on Internet marketing.. At that time I lacked money and lacked opportunity…

slowly contact to do a website, and then made a BBS, every day after work to Internet cafe maintenance for a year, IP this 200 money to go to many points, also did not go to.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;       toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

developing reminder

now more difficult days, no work, every day hanging on the Internet, sometimes a day can earn dozens of pieces, sometimes a few days without income. Always pay for what you eat. My girlfriend urged me to find a job every day, and I went out looking for an ordinary factory, not hiring, and the recruitment of the factory does not require women in general. At home, parents have to give birth to a boy, and outside, the male notice is worthless. Do not find a good job, no money, how dare to go home for the new year. All the forces in their hometown opened their mouth and asked for tens of thousands of them…

can’t help it, so come on, dmi>

because of poverty, without culture, without money, without status, I have nothing. In 2004, when I read only a secondary school, I reluctantly took 480 yuan to make a living from Shaanxi’s Ankang to Guangdong and Dongguan. At that time, I didn’t have anything. Even my basic ID card was not available. Fortunately, with the help of my friends, I went into a small factory. Hard to earn 4, 500 dollars a month. I am a computer major. I have been fascinated by this since I was a child. I have been dreaming of owning one. Usually live frugally after a year to save 1000 yuan, want to buy a good computer is not enough, so he waited a few months, after all in this factory for a year and the play is very good, sometimes they can help maintain the computer by teachers and students an. Once chatting with the teacher, learned that the network can make money, then there is no understanding of their own computer, no interest, is MLM model very profitable. Wait until the computer is doing this. Finally a month plus 150 Benghazi on basic salary is 890 yuan.

the details:

  group purchase price; renew the price
  buy online
&nbs> monthly;


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