Month: May 2017

if you are planning to open a lingerie store, you will not only find your own project, you will also need to have some promotional skills, because the promotion is very useful to attract customers. So, underwear store promotion way? Need to pay attention to what issues? Let’s take a look.

boutique promotion: boutique promotion brings profit is much higher than conventional products, so for the specialty store sales, it is different from the kinds of goods supermarket sales. Therefore, the store must always have a sense of quality, do a good job in sales planning and marketing planning; read more

Making use of the beauty of women

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beauty of the heart is shared by everyone, industry beauty, cosmetics, skin care products and so on and so on in the rich profit value, if investors on the investment of meaningless words, choose the "beautiful" industry is a very good choice!

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"management" in the role of the market is now more and more important, and in order to do a good job of management, supermarket operators are racking their brains. I opened the supermarket, the scope of business and beverages, daily necessities, fresh vegetables such as grain and oil products, a number of projects, almost everything, where the customer demand for goods, as long as I entered the supermarket, do not let customers disappointed.

my supermarket has a total of 16 employees, two shifts, take turns to rest. The manager responsible for the implementation of the system, by the two store manager responsible for the management of the supermarket. As the saying goes: "no doubt, no doubt." Whether it is a manager or employee I treat equally, as if brothers and sisters. On one occasion, I went to the supermarket routine health checks, found a clerk to receive customer enthusiasm. read more

entrepreneurship difficult, success is not an overnight thing. Want to start a successful business, there is no secret? This is the question of many entrepreneurs, how to succeed in business? Entrepreneurs may wish to try from the following 10 aspects.

A, to other companies to learn

if there is a chance to other companies (whether the total management of large company or small company) service, should carefully observe the boss’s business strengths, your business will be of great benefit. read more

life, you should never too old to learn, what can learn not only the theoretical knowledge, and what some of the life experience, as a tea shop operator, want to run good tea stores, also need to keep learning, according to changes in the market to adjust my marketing strategy. Join the tea shop business, although it will reduce our investment risk, but there is no good business strategy, we will also be less effective, so tea shop management need to pay attention to what


operating a tea shop operating these points need to pay attention to read more

Underwear shop tips not to be missed

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is now in the social life, throughout the year, underwear products are very popular, because people are wearing underwear clothing fitting, so how to make a good underwear shop success? Here you guide the lingerie store business secret


how to open a good shop decoration of


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this year, the characteristics of the snack franchise business will be very popular, attracting a group of investors rushed to the entrepreneurial path. For entrepreneurial novice, want to open a good snack franchise, take this site is the key step. So what do we need to do for the snack bar? Mainly from several aspects.

to snack stores location to do what to consider? To consider the level of consumption, income and price level people in a region will affect your sales, general snack should be selected in the economic prosperity, rapid economic development of the region, so the profit is guaranteed. Snack   join   choose a good store location to consider is the local culture and education, ethnic customs, religious beliefs, social values, social values and cultural atmosphere and some other factors, which is related to the choice of a consumer grade and consumer groups. read more

Township investment good ideas big summary

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with the constant tilt of national policy, in recent years, small and medium-sized cities and towns have been more and more favored, get more and more support, the development of growing concern! So, what are the good direction of township investment? May wish to take a look at!

village Internet cafes

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in the face of the current business boom, more and more college students also joined the entrepreneurial team, but lack of experience for newly graduated students, if the government has related policies to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be paving the way for many.

1, the main content of college students entrepreneurship support

1, for college students to give financial support. Comprehensive evaluation of college students self employment projects to attract employment ability, scientific and technological content, potential economic and social benefits, market prospects and other factors, free of charge to provide 20 thousand to 150 thousand yuan of financial support. Support standards are divided into 4 grades: 20 thousand yuan, $50 thousand, $100 thousand, $150 thousand. To have independent intellectual property rights and invention patents, energy saving, labor intensive entrepreneurial projects give priority to support; to engage in individual business entities to support the project does not exceed the amount of 50 thousand yuan. read more

porridge in the hearts of Chinese people is how? You know, like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken in China’s business are selling porridge, you can imagine how the world status of Chinese porridge. Fast food as one of China’s ten most promising food items, the snack industry will naturally not inferior.

is a good way of porridge porridge and Guangdong snacks and snacks for the main business varieties, with Cantonese dishes, Guangdong authentic burning halogen soup, lotus leaf rice, sugar, rice, barbecue baozaifan boutique business packages, Sichuan flavor dishes and other dishes, focusing on nutrition and health, delicious fashion "as the theme of consumption, thus forming a" Guangdong, Kawa Tamesuke, both north and South "brand special delicacy. read more