Month: July 2017

big 4 is almost over, the life of the scholar era will be over. Sigh with emotion. That school is marketing, the University for four years, and there are more than 30 thousand of the income, of course, I do not, students are better than me in There are plenty of people who, and they are my teachers, a lot of time thinking broaden is available in the exchange, so I pay attention now and the head of the exchange. The Webmaster Station known difficulties ah, Baidu is not well treated, the flow is not good to do, union days is very difficult. The formation of my personal personal webmaster is very concerned about, always want to do everything in my power to help students out of the plight of the webmaster, I combine my experience today to students talk, do depend on the flow of money alliance mode, with their own strength to do business revenue. read more

website Trojan will be search engine blocked? Recently, because the Trojan virus is driven by the interests of many web servers have been invaded, then hackers placed horse virus. Many customers have a worry, that is, after the Trojan horse in the website, will be blocked by search engines?.

, for this question, has done some observations. A Trojan horse website is not directly blocked by search engines. But it will be labeled as "


this tip, if not deleted as soon as possible, regardless of the site’s GOOGLE ranking is so good. I believe there will be no user clicks. Think of Europe’s Web site optimization staff every day to help many customers delete the Trojan on the site, delete GOOGLE virus tips on the site. read more

people often say that if life closes one of your doors, it opens a window for you and tells us not to complain about the difficulties and hardships in your life, because that may be the way to success.

many successful people, their growth along the way may not be smooth, suffered many setbacks and pain, some even unfair treatment, life closed one of their doors. Antivirus software, anti-virus experts, like the famous Jiangmin founder Mr. Wang Jiangmin has died, although suffered a miserable childhood, but also honed his strong will, 38 years before the initial contact with the Internet, also reached the pinnacle of success. Some people say that Wang said that his life has created countless miracles. Of course, the pressure and the hardship that comes along the way is only understood by the party itself, and in the words of his friend, "he is the one who can handle all the blows.". A person is stunned, is resistance to the past." read more

data quality (Data Quality) is the basis and the most important prerequisite and guarantee of the validity and accuracy of data analysis conclusion. Data quality assurance (Data Quality Assurance) is an important part of data warehouse architecture, and it is also an important component of ETL.

we usually through data cleaning (Data cleansing) to filter dirty data, guarantee the validity of the underlying data and the accuracy of data cleaning is generally the front part of the data into the data warehouse, generally once the data into data warehouse, you must ensure that these data are available, the statistics will be to the upper polymerization of this batch of data as the basis of the data set, the upper won’t do any of the check and filtering, and is set in order to ensure the results and summary of all the multi-dimensional polymerization is strictly by the use of the underlying data base stability. But now when we construct the data warehouse is generally not to put all the data cleaning steps before storage, usually part of the data cleaning work put in storage after execution, mainly because the data warehouse has its own advantages on the aspect of data processing, part of the cleaning work in the warehouse will be more simple and efficient but, as long as the data cleaning before the statistical data and aggregation, we can still ensure that use is retained in the data warehouse after cleaning the "clean" data base. read more

started its website construction in September 2006, and started its own website in October. It has been considering the problem of profit. So far, the website is still not profitable.

I would like to share some experiences with you:

1 Baidu Union, Ali alliance, is to help them to release these big companies by advertising, we get little from the site into a small, hit 0.01 yuan, 0.02 yuan, and under normal circumstances, the Baidu Inc or the Ali Co they accept an advertising click is 0.2 yuan or more. We do nothing but is high; for these union sponsors promote their own advertising, at the same time delay our time, finally get the money is negligible. Many brothers and sisters on small websites create profits for these big websites without paying off, and the returns are almost 0. read more

had written two articles recommended excellent article site navigation station, we all feel very practical, many of my friends told me feedback through my articles, find the navigation station ads have achieved very good results, or some friends with the navigation station reached a cooperation. Many friends also want to do, but there is no part of the site navigation station contact information, this may also be the most you want to know the information.

today is their birthday, and just a gang of people in the industry to promote the operation of friends drink back, in a good mood, so some of their own collection of contacts and share with you, happy and happy together. The text has added a few of my new collection of excellent navigation stations, which have not appeared in previous articles. read more

Four mainstream online shop system analysis

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was asked by his friend to help him build an independent online shop. He asked, "simple, practical, different from others.".

then began to find the shop system, I have tested the shopex before, is said to have relationship with the point, then this system is quite disappointing, the running speed is slow, more than I could bear, then due to the system design makes the design fits the template, there is nothing new at all, I love always take things that come from the East and west to change, change, and others are completely different, it is labor-saving and convenient, and will not repeat with others. The system skipped directly because it had no prior interest in shopex. read more

female station for many webmaster, has not strange. There are also many famous women’s websites in china. I’ve been wondering how they make a profit and how to promote it. When she made a female network, she slowly made a more detailed analysis of her.

preferred to talk about how to promote. First of all, SEO is unavoidable. This experienced friend can do it. Here not elaborate, he knows. In addition, their own commonly used way, or through QQ group, micro-blog promotion. Every day I send messages to women online from 18 to 35 years of age using related software and other methods. QQ. This is just the right age. As long as you do a good job, the page is beautiful, repeat customers also have. New visitors also have. The key is to find ways to retain repeat customers. In addition, I use a variety of micro-blog plus a lot of female friends. The age range is between 18 and 35, up and down. Of course, it’s too much work. But in this way, the flow will still be relatively fast. There is to add some female QQ group, flicker in the group. read more

my company opened in Zhongguancun, started from scratch, to the present scale, I worked hard on the road to entrepreneurship for 6 years.

monthly salary of five thousand is the critical point of entrepreneurship

the reason why I chose to start my own business was simple. "Just look at Beijing’s housing prices, and I understand that we are low income and high consumption," he said. At present, if the monthly salary of 3000~5000 yuan, even if it is a high salary, and the monthly salary of 8000 yuan to ten thousand yuan of people in fact rare, and the higher the income, the more spending. A person with this level of income for 20 years, it is enough to buy a suite, and a little better buy a car, do not think anything else. So, at that time I chose to start my own business, is to give myself a chance to fight. The monthly salary of 5000 yuan or more people, you can consider continuing to work, after all, there is a great risk of entrepreneurship, and the market is still gradually improved stage, their own business, there are many unspoken rules to consider." read more


do dumpster succeed can bring huge traffic for themselves, then we can achieve the successful transformation proceeds, but in fact we have a clear mind to do garbage station is only temporarily plan, once the search engine punishment, will be difficult to have a "emancipated", certainly not long. As a webmaster who wants to be more successful, I believe everyone knows that a website that can develop for a long time is a better choice than a garbage station with more eyes to see the future. Ma Yun said to do a live one hundred years of business, our website requirements are not so high, but at least have survived for a few years or even decades of potential and value is not, so to create "professional" website, with professional value and attract and retain visitors, is the inevitable way to do successfully stand the. Specifically how to build such a site, is today we want to share with you the topic. read more