Month: September 2017

we see love Shanghai’s official example can be seen in some quiz channel to leave the chain will be hit, love Shanghai official also clearly pointed out that as long as the leave a link in the answer on the issue is subject to love Shanghai strike. Figure:

four, the blog promotion of soft paper hit object

as long as you write soft text inside quiz content also belong to the object of attack, such as certain products which is good, certain cosmetics which brand is good, a brand of products where to buy, belong to the object of love against Shanghai. Love Shanghai official figure examples: read more

: Post Bar contents should be and their relevant web content


two: Post Bar marketing need to maintain

now love Shanghai Post Bar species related to all walks of life, innumerable part-time, so by Post Bar love Shanghai marketing, not the kind of hair everywhere on the Internet advertising, but to choose the Post Bar, one of these Post Bar have popularity, on the other hand, the contents of these Post Bar and whether they need advertising or web site the content of marketing, if you find a engage in mechanical Post Bar, in these Post Bar, to sell some of the price of cotton, the acquisition of agricultural products, it must not be able to obtain the very good effect, so Post Bar content must be related to read more

for example: for example, tourism, now we can see is that Ctrip and where basically has the industry accounted for almost the same, but you very deep analysis of industry, will find a lot of space to do. For example, family travel, no company can provide good service or team travel; travel company, small department of thirty or forty people, now no one can provide very good service, in fact, this is a very good point.

after my friend and I went to the teahouse Jiang En chat, he told me:

A training course in Shanghai a few days before the Dragon read more


analysis of love in the "sea eye chain"

love Shanghai only a judgment principle chain is the chain of the problem: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations.

think we can infer Gu acre for this view: first through the algorithm to determine whether the Shanghai love links are recommended >


world event: Shanghai dragon love Shanghai official announced in April 25, 2013 "on the chain of judgment" (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160) read more

How to become a master of Shanghai dragon

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unisignflex Shanghai Longfeng here to talk about personal understanding of Shanghai Dragon Master:

is a new station, a new Shanghai dragon journey. When you see the site in the search engine ranking excellent performance, presumably as a webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is also very rewarding. But this sense of achievement and the results obtained is unremittingly determination and strong execution results behind.

is first established on the basis of the theory, is no way to carry out practical work without theory, Shanghai dragon is also true. Want to become a Shanghai dragon master needs to continue learning, constantly sum up, to enrich their theoretical knowledge, make guidance for future practice. So, in order to become Shanghai dragon master first should be learning, love learning, good summary, can sentiment. read more

and for the optimization direction of the chain, the author thinks that went a combined way, on the one hand, some high weight website submission can contribute, leave your chain, on the other hand, you can buy some of the high quality of the chain, such as some professional Webmaster Platform, using.

A new optimization method of

but in this love Shanghai algorithm update, the importance of the chain also began to be weakened, especially in the forum outside the chain and optimize the signature of the chain began to be shaped like a chicken ribs, those high ranking site outside the chain basically has a large number of high quality and stable chain source, which shows Shanghai love chain optimization of the determination, the higher the quality outside the chain, it reflects the website environment better, this is a complementary relationship, and the chain optimization of high quality has become the direction of innovation in Shanghai love algorithm. read more

launched this service? Why

finally, love Shanghai also gives the rules content and standards of tourism ticketing industry, as shown in figure

promises to help businesses to promote the launch, is certainly not love sea after " v" a good way to another merchant certification standard bidding. Love from Shanghai promotion account, the service is still in beta stage, the author search keywords many travel, ticketing, hotel and so on, the authentication service temporarily does not appear. Want to know the details of a friend can go to the official website to see the promotion of love Shanghai. In this paper, edited by 贵族宝贝masaspa贵族宝贝 first! Please famous read more

on a certain skills or knowledge structure webmaster, his familiar knowledge according to their own understanding of written articles, this is the original. Take our website (Nanjing website) as an example, we are doing a website, so we can summarize our daily work experience in the original article, and this article of visitors also have the value of learning. As shown below:

, er Shanghai dragon will usually see others of the article, look at the others in the article, you can write their own ideas, agree, disagree or supplement can be a place. Don’t worry about your writing is not good and not write, express their thoughts, feelings and views of the article is the original article. read more

Very important Mobile search ranking rules

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mobile > page > page; adaptation; transcoding page > PC page, > said; ranked higher than.

first, through our last article "how to explain the PC website into a mobile website", we know that the mobile terminal construction site according to the different ways can be divided into three types: jump adaptation, adaptation, adaptive code, these three methods can also be said to represent three different types of website. Independent mobile site, code adaptation and adaptive site site, coupled with the mobile terminal can also search to the PC website and independent mobile website, so far in the "love Shanghai mobile search engine ranking rules: read more

we have been "forum netizen love Shanghai recently algorithm is that, we will think" well, yes, some netizens said that, we think "Hey, why didn’t I think of it". Don’t know about you, but I often like this.

, one of Links attention, Links can improve the site’s weight, the weight is equivalent to face the problem, if Sina gives you a connection, love Shanghai will think you this site? Or is Sina two, or is love Shanghai idiot.

in Shanghai love algorithm library, there may be a dozen or even dozens of algorithms, these algorithms will be based on the analysis results of data analysts love Shanghai judge, judge a minor update which algorithms, what time to update, strength is how much, whether it will affect the brand or enterprise, after and so on all consider all love Shanghai aunt came. The so-called Niubi Shanghai dragon is estimated to have so many algorithms are summarized. A good rule. read more