Month: November 2017

Liu Yufan (Chinese online Shanghai dragon head): win-win cooperation ability, is the only way to Shanghai dragon! Personal orders, if the conditions to find the best people to do together, have the resources to have contacts, the single to the back, then points out, get into, this is the king.


Zhang Leichao (Zhang Leichao studio): outsourcing, rather to do. To do so, all in the control range. Outsourcing, the control is not good. Money or make good training outside a few of their friends, very reliable. Is night all the way home with nothing to do that, we help the hair outside the chain, we please > read more

How to create the perfect website architecture

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I have to share here in the real network in the framework of the Ning

2. web site navigation purpose is to guide the user to better operate the web site to find what you want, so we must do enough site navigation is simple and practical, even if white can operate, and placed in a conspicuous position of the core columns and navigation. This can highlight the content of the web site. Look at the Nanjing housing network will know, we have a core column placed in the most conspicuous place, let the user first see. read more