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first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Thisweek’s guruGoodeggs in hot water over abusive languageDoyou remember the saga of ‘nitty gritty’? HRprofessionals were being warned last year not to use the phrase because itreferred to the abuse suffered by Africans on slave ships. It’snow the turn of police officers and ministers. Home Office minister John Denhamwas heckled from the floor at a recent Police Federation conference after usingthe saying. Many police forces have banned the use of the word.  Clearlynone of them read Guru. If they did, they would know that the phrase originatedin the black civil rights movement of the 1960s and was used to describe hardbargaining.Goodegg is also banned. Apparently, it is derived from egg and spoon, which isrhyming slang for ‘coon’. Do we believe this, or do we think it is ‘politicalcorrectness gone mad’? Has anyone been called a good egg since the heyday ofgap-toothed comedy actor Terry Thomas? Insightful information can be sent toGuru on the e-mail address below.Jobcentre bans friendly facesTalkingof sensitive words, a Jobcentre has come under fire after it refused to acceptan advert asking for ‘friendly’ staff.TheBolton Jobcentre informed Travel Counsellors that the wording for an advertisementfor a catering manager at the staff cafe was discriminatory because “somepeople may perceive they are friendly even if you don’t”.Bemusedtravel agency owner Dominic Speakman said: “It’s just ridiculous that youcan’t use ‘friendly’ in an advert these days.”  Canyou imagine the stir in the jobcentre if the advertised vacancy had read: ‘Thenitty gritty of this new role is that the job candidate has to be very friendlyand an all round good egg.’Archivereaches real dead end…ANorwegian museum received a tragic lesson in the importance of effectiveknowledge management after a member of staff, somewhat inconveniently, took thepassword to its electronic library to his grave.Theemployee, who was instrumental in setting up the museum’s archive of 1,600books and documents, died without revealing the vital password information toany of his colleagues at work. Asa result, museum director Ottar Grepstad has had to make an appeal on nationalradio calling on the world’s hackers to break into the archive.Bodyof evidence wins tribunalAfuneral director who lifted the lid of a coffin in front of relatives to checkif he had the right body has won his unfair dismissal case and £4,715 incompensation. StevenSim told a Glasgow employment tribunal that he had delivered a body to a churchfor the next day’s service when the priest noticed that the nameplate waswrong. Heopened up the casket in front of relatives and found it contained the wrongbody. Sim– who was subsequently dismissed – won his tribunal because he was givenunclear instructions and a ‘heavy workload’. Guru would have thought this wasinevitable for pall bearers. GuruOn 18 Jun 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more