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first_img…says will uncover political authors behind gangs…urges extensive terms of referenceNot only is Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo open to a Commission of Inquiry into the crime spree that occurred under his presidency, he is in fact urging that Government launch the inquiry and uncover the political authors responsible.At a press conference on Saturday, Jagdeo called out Government on the question of the CoI, but he noted that if this CoI is to be launched, it must be with impartial and reputable adjudicators.Jagdeo also questioned the President’s delay in launching the CoI, considering that a number of other CoIs were ordered. He stressed that there were persistent reports of certain politicians visiting certain villages and orchestrating efforts to frustrate the work of the Joint Services.“You notice they have an approach to inquiries; they do not like… The CoI into sugar? They threw that away… The (CoI into assassination of) Walter Rodney? They didn’t like that because the findings were adverse. You want to bet if the findings for this one are adverse, then they will throw it away? So let’s have this CoI by all means, but let us have proper terms of reference and let us have credible commissioners, not the Paul Slowe type. Then you will see how politically inspired many of the killings were in that period,” Jagdeo posited.Intelligence reportsThe former President stressed that no criminal would receive political support from the PPP, a reference to a longstanding claim that certain politicians of the day had backed the criminals.He also noted that members of his former administration would be willing to assist the CoI with any specific information they may have.But Jagdeo expressed fears that intelligence reports from that period may have been tampered with by now.On Friday, Minister of State Joseph Harmon hinted that a CoI may be launched into extra- judicial killings that occurred during the period 2002 to 2008. Harmon posited that the Coroner’s Inquest Act requires an inquest be held for any unnatural death. Harmon noted that, at some point in time, relatives of the deceased have to get closure.When in Opposition, Granger had tabled a motion for an inquiry into killings during that era.As President, he is yet to order such an inquiry. According to Harmon, however, the President is still committed to probing these killings.last_img read more

first_imgPlans for the hosting of this year’s Linden Town Week have already begun with the Linden Mayor and Town Council maintaining its hold on the event’s franchise for the second consecutive year.Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell said hosting the event would not be a challenge for the municipality and, as such, noted that mechanisms are being put in place to facilitate a smooth run-off.The Mayor added that she was optimistic this year’s event would be a true expression of the town. The municipality came in for harsh criticism last year following its decision to organise the event, which had taken on the form of a franchise over the years; however, the Mayor noted that the founder of the event will play an integral role this year.“2019 Town Week is going to be amazing. I do not see it as a challenge. The first year we did have some amazing people working with us. We do have onboard with us Norville Fredricks, who was instrumental in the creation of the Linden Town Day,” she said.Promoters are being invited to submit event proposals for various activities while the municipality is expected to focus on educational and cultural events.A committee, headed by the Deputy Mayor, is being established to ensure all sections of the public are catered for.“They are going to start pulling together that team needed to manage the Town Week headed by the Deputy Mayor and the people they select from within the community, of course, that are going to work together to make the Town Week as successful as it can be. Keep in mind that the reason for the Town Week is to develop our culture, our economic status and to showcase those to the world. I am sure we are going to have a successful Town Week,” Arrindell said.The pageant, which was absent from last year’s event following a sexual scandal involving delegates, is expected to be back on the calendar this year.“There has been no discussion as it relates to the pageant, but I am almost certain if it is an event that is worth getting into, it will be something that we do. It may not be the Council doing it, but, of course, if there is any person out there who has the expertise to manage a pageant, we welcome their support and we will work along with them,” the Mayor indicated.She further stated that the involvement of the community and stakeholders was pivotal for the successful hosting of the annual event.last_img read more