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first_imgHaving spent a month or so working with it, I’m sort of ambivalent to Google Instant, which spits out search results dynamically and in real-time based on what you’ve typed in so far. I think what it ultimately comes down to is that I type fast enough and I’m confident enough in my Google skills that I don’t want to be distracted by what Google thinks I mean halfway through a search: it’s like someone constantly interrupting you mid-sentence to finish your thought, even though they’re just randomly guessing what you want to say.Nonetheless, one place where I do think Google Instant makes a lot of sense is in mobile search. After all, when you’re Googling on your smartphone, you usually only have a few seconds to find the information about something… and typing on a smartphone is tricky enough that if Google Instant can shave a few seconds off the top of my search time, then so be it.So I find myself actually excited by today’s news that Google Instant is coming to mobile on both Android (FroYo)and iOS (iOS 4 or greater). According to Google, Google Instant for Mobile works best on 3G and WiFi networks, and you can easily disable the Google Instant search from any search page. Have you used Google Instant for Mobile yet? What do you think of the implementation?Read more at Google Bloglast_img read more