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Belle-Île-En-Mer will take advantage of EVs, solar electricity and ESSRenault is joining forces with Morbihan Energie, Les Cars Bleus and Enedis to turn Belle-Île-En-Mer into France’s first smart island under FlexMob’île programme. The other island that also will be electrified is Portugal’s Porto Santo.The idea is to make energy transition to electricity through three core activities:sharing of electric vehiclesstationary storage of solar energysmart chargingFrom 2019, residents and visitors will be able to use car sharing system with Renault ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. electric cars. The island will get charging stations located close to the main attractions. As the island measures just 17 by 9 kilometres (10.6 by 5.6 miles) it would be smart to electrify it entirely and get rid of combustion engine cars.Islands Caribbean Islands Charge Up Electric Car Revolution Tesla’s Latest Powerpack Microgrid Powers A Fiji Island – Video Electric mobility and renewable energy to optimise energy consumptionFrom 2019, Belle-Île-en-Mer residents and visitors to the island will have access to a fleet of electric cars by means of a self-service hire programme featuring Renault ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. These vehicles will be powered thanks to a network of charging stations located close to the island’s main attractions.This new carsharing service will take advantage of surplus energy produced by solar panels installed on the roofs of the island’s main public buildings. “The smart charging system will let us activate electric car charging whenever a building produces more energy than it actually needs,” explained Gilles Normand, SVP, Group Electric Vehicle Division. For instance, solar panels on the school’s rooftop provide heat and lighting for classrooms during the week, while the energy produced at weekends or during school holidays will be used to charge the cars.The energy transition boosts the local economyBy promoting the use of locally-produced renewable energy, FlexMob’île will offer the island’s economic stakeholders enhanced flexibility while at the same time promising substantial savings.For example, Groupe Renault plans to provide second-life electric car batteries for the island’s largest holiday residences facility. These batteries will be used to store energy produced during the day by solar panels for use in the evening, chiefly to heat the bungalows. This should allow the centre to extend its season which until now has been restricted by central heating costs.” Iceland’s Famous Route 1 That Circles Island Gets >20 Fast Chargers The charging stations will be configured to use surplus energy produced by solar panels installed on the roofs of the island’s main public buildings.Additionally Renault will provide some second-life batteries to enable use of solar electricity after the sun goes down. 10 photos “In association with its partners the Belle-Île-en-Mer Community of Communes, Morbihan Energies, Les Cars Bleus and Enedis, Groupe Renault – a major player in the world of electric ecosystems – is delighted to unveil a brand new joint project known as FlexMob’île. The aim of this smart electric ecosystem is to facilitate the energy transition on the French island of Belle-Île-en-Mer which lies off the coast of southern Brittany. This initiative follows in the footsteps of the innovative Smart Fossil Free Island programme which has been operational since last February on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo in the Madeira archipelago.For the next 24 months, Groupe Renault and its public and private partners will be developing a smart electric ecosystem that has been conceived to reduce the island’s carbon footprint and increase its energy independence.“We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Belle-Île-en-Mer Community of Communes, Morbihan Energie, Les Cars Bleus and Enedis on this project which is unprecedented in France. Our goal is the same as with Porto Santo. That is to say the implementation of global solutions that meet local needs using both tried-and-tested and more recent technologies. It will be possible to carry over the Belle-Île-en-Mer system not just to other islands but also to cities and suburban areas,” says Gilles Normand, SVP, Group Electric Vehicle Division.Frédéric Le Gars, who presides the Belle-Île-en-Mer community of communes, added: “When Morbihan Energies CEO Jo Brohan explained the project to me, I knew that, along with Renault, we needed to be a key player in this innovative scheme to build a new sustainable mobility ecosystem.” Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 27, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News read more