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first_imgToday, July 10, marks the 161st anniversary of the birth of the Inventor, electrician, physicist, man of the future – Nikola Tesla. A man who made his immeasurable contribution to humanity and who “invented” the future.In honor of Nikola Tesla, Ana Rucner, (who is) again in the role of “ambassador” of Croatian tourism, dedicated a new song and video. So last night, many Zagreb residents enjoyed the concert of Ana Rucner in honor of Nikola Tesla, on the summer stage of Bundek, as part of ZgKUL – Zagreb Cultural Summer. On that occasion, the artist, in addition to her most famous hits, presented a new video of Tesla’s Field, recorded in collaboration with the Zagreb Philharmonic, with beautiful music by Croatian composer Blagoje Bersa: Sunny fields.What is extremely important and interesting, how the video does not revolve around the musician, in this case Ana Rucner, which is unfortunately a common case, but just the opposite, tells the story of Nikola Tesla and his achievements and significance for humanity through Tesla’s life and inventions, while the beginning and end of the video are framed by the landscape in which he grew up. “Tesla was always ahead of his time and was the first scientist to listen to space, lay the foundations of radio astronomy and show us that everything around us is infinite and eternal. We chose Blagoje Bersa’s music Sunčana polje because of its lyricism. The cello performs it gently, passionately, and at times goes into the lago of the violin. Tesla loved the sound of the violin, he loved art, so we could call him a kind of art scientist” expires Ana Rucner adds that she is extremely proud to be able to present a true genius whose inventions are eternal at her concerts in the World.So is Ana Rucner, after the video in honor Sinjske Alke – Alkar pride, as well as the video recorded in Kopački Rit In The Rythm Of Bolero, Greetings to the summer in Dubrovnik and many other examples, collaborations with various KUDs, once again showed how a kind of “ambassador” of Croatian tourism and her contribution gave her personal stamp to Croatian identity, culture, customs and tourism, and yet all in Croatian promotion service. ”For me, Croatia is the most beautiful country in the world, we have more than 1000 islands and many natural beauties. I am very happy to be able to promote our beautiful country through videos and often tourists and visitors to concerts tell me that they definitely want to visit Croatia. I made each video to promote a certain area, visitors through my videos can get to know the gastronomy and tradition of Slavonia, the most beautiful castles of Zagorje, cultural heritage and history of our musical expression in various parts of Croatia, the tradition of knightly games such as Korcula Moreška and Sinj Alka . I have shot several videos with Zagreb, the national park, other longest walls in Europe-Ston, but there are also the beauties of Istria, Dalmatia, the unique Dubrovnik with linđ… ” concludes Ana Rucner.If at least more celebrities were musicians, athletes…. “Used” as Ana Rucner, 2Cellos and others, their media reach to promote our tourism, certainly to spread the story of Croatia faster and better around the world. Visit Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan, pay him such an honor and become ambassadors of our tourism, as well as Tesla’s legacy.We should be proud of our identity, customs, culture and way of life, because if we do not respect ourselves, others will not respect us either. Likewise, we can all and must be ambassadors of our authentic story, our tourism. An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who is proud of our country, history, customs, culture, heritage, successes – proud to be a Croat. An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who promotes his tradition and his region.Anyone can be an ambassador of Croatian tourism, you can also be one. Be ambassadors of Croatian tourism, tell stories. Our authentic stories.The whole world wears a tie, and no one knows what a Croatian product it is!Why doesn’t the world know about Tesla, Penkala, Fraust Vrančić and all our other innovators who have indebted us. Why doesn’t the world know that Croats are deserving for parachute, torpedo, tie, Dalmatians, airship, rocket engine, ship’s compass… Where are the thematic museums for each of our prominent innovators visited by thousands of tourists? Where are the themed evenings celebrating the achievements of our innovators? This is how the tourist season is extended!DO YOU KNOW HOW PETER MIŠKOVIĆ INVENTOR steam bath, AS Tomislav Uzelac invented the first MP3 PLAYER AND THE M-PARKING, AS IVAN VUČETIĆ FATHER dactyloscopy – METHOD Fingerprinting, A MARIN SOLJAČIĆ is the first carried out experiments WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY, WHILE JOSIP BELUŠIĆ INVENTED THE SPEEDOMETER. THE LIST IS MUCH LONGER.Croatian inventors are responsible for great discoveries, discoveries that the world must know are from Croatia, especially if we talk in the context of Croatia as a tourist destination. We don’t need to be smart at all or invent hot water. Let’s be what we are – Croats.Related news:last_img read more

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersRelated Articles LOS ANGELES — He called the accusations “kind of crazy” and “kind of comical,” and that was before he intimated that the Lakers were penalized $500,000 for talking about fishing.Fishing? Wasn’t this actually poaching?“It is what it is,” Paul George explained Wednesday, when he really meant it was what it wasn’t.The small forward with the big appeal, visiting Staples Center with the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder, returned home for the first time since the Lakers were fined for tampering with him – something George said never occurred. Paul George ‘wanted to go home’ to play for Lakers; his hometown hopes he still does center_img Anyway, whatever happened last summer doesn’t matter now, not compared to what will happen next summer, when, based on overall sentiment, everyone plus a few people expect George to sign as a free agent with the Lakers.He grew up about 70 miles from downtown L.A., in Palmdale, as a Lakers fan, and has done an absolutely horrible job hiding his lingering affinity for the team and the city.When introduced before the game Wednesday, George was cheered almost as much as any of the players already with the Lakers.One fan sitting courtside showed up wearing a Lakers jersey bearing George’s name and number, even though “13” already has been retired by the team.If the signing does happen, that $500,000 already spent becomes less of a fine and more of a down payment, a wise investment stemming from an initial decision that didn’t appear to be wise in the least bit.LeBron James also will be a free-agent target this summer, Lakers fans hoping Pelinka and team president Magic Johnson are more precise with their aim than Lonzo Ball has been so far.It is especially fun to speculate on what the Lakers could become because talking about what they are – and have been for awhile now – is fun only to people who enjoy things like spasming stomach distress.Young and inexperienced and maddeningly unable to conceal either, the Lakers continue to flail away with performances completely lacking in any version of consistency.Forget for now trying to find their way as a team. These guys remain rightly consumed with trying to find their way as individuals.Wednesday arrived with fans here longing for a return to the glory days of this franchise, you know, back when the Lakers were winning summer league championships.They entered this matchup with the Thunder having lost seven in a row and 10 of 11, an extended stumble that dropped them to the bottom of the Western Conference with the unmistakable thud of a cadaver.This is still a proud franchise with 16 NBA championships and 11 retired numbers and one player currently unable to leave the state because he has to instead remain in jail.But, hey, things could be worse. LaVar Ball still could be mocking Luke Walton after every defeat.The Los Angeles Times couldn’t even wait until the start of 2018 to hold off on a headline announcing “This Lakers season can’t end soon enough …” And don’t you just hate when the media doesn’t have patience with a local team?Personally, I’m willing to give the Lakers until this summer, until they secure George and James, before demanding they travel backward in time and make this a 60-win season.But maybe we should temper the anticipation just a bit. Remember, uniting Steve Nash and Dwight Howard with Kobe Bryant was once considered the answer around here, too, and the Lakers are still recovering from that disaster.The difference today is this group is much younger, a reality holding back the Lakers now but one that has to improve with, well, with age.It rarely happens free of pain, watching a young team grow. But even the worst pain in life can’t last forever.The Lakers are banking on a couple trophy catches easing the suffering, and one of those catches was in town Wednesday.After several summers of free-agent failure, they’re bound to land a big one eventually, this big one in Oklahoma City today, though George still hasn’t officially gotten away. Tampering is considered a no-no in the NBA, the league preferring that teams refrain from negotiating with players who are already under contract with other teams. Seems fair enough.Reports in August indicated that the penalty was the result of an improper discussion between Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and George’s agent, Aaron Mintz.But George said his former employers, the Pacers, were upset about conversations he had with Brian Shaw, a Lakers assistant coach and someone he worked with while both were in Indiana.George, who called Shaw a “mentor,” suggested the two talked only about “fishing and challenging each other on fishing trips.”I don’t know. I’d think a mentor and his pupil would discuss topics with a little more depth than that, but who knows, some people are really into fishing, I guess.last_img read more