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first_img== Kingsmill links with Wallace & Gromit == == Asthma support == P== ieminister update == Asthma UK is calling on bakeries to support a new scheme, Business Against Asthma, which supports staff who have asthma as well as aiming to reduce risks in the workplace. The scheme offers practical advice and support for bakeries, including a visit from Asthma UK. For details, call 0800 12162 55 or visit asthma.org.uk/businessagainstasthma == Maple Leaf seeks MD ==center_img Kingsmill is to partner Aardman Animations, which produced the bakery-themed Wallace & Gromit film – A Matter of Loaf and Death – to mark its release on DVD. The brand is offering an on-pack token collect promotion, available from 23 March across various ranges including Kingsmill Great Everyday, and Tasty Wholemeal. The promotion to run across 60 million packs offers consumers the chance to win a range of branded collectables, such as a limited-edition Kingsmill turbo-matic toast rack. Bristol pie firm Pieminister unveiled a new range of retail packaging, products and sausage rolls at IFE09. The firm showcased improved pie recipes for its Mr Porky Pie and its Thai Cook Pie, while its packaging now features a window and is fully compostable. Canada Bread Company, the parent company of the UK’s biggest bagel supplier Maple Leaf Bakery, is looking to appoint a new MD at its UK business, following the voluntary resignation of former MD Peter Maycock. He left “based on a mutual decision about the best interests of himself and the company”, said Lynda Kuhn, senior vice-president, communications and consumer affairs at Canada Bread.last_img read more

first_imgSaint Lawrence, who was burned to death on a large grate over a fire, is said to have remarked to his tormentors: “Turn me over, I’m done on this side.”Such audacity — not to mention savagery — not only ensured that the tale would be handed down through generations, it made Saint Lawrence of Rome the patron saint of barbecue. Lawrence’s story was among those shared Tuesday by famed barbecue aficionado Steven Raichlen, who spoke before a packed house at Harvard’s Geological Lecture Hall.Raichlen, author of “The Barbecue Bible” (1998) and “Planet Barbecue” (2010), took the audience on a tour spanning millions of years and thousands of miles, touching on barbecue’s origins among early humans and on different barbecue customs around the world.The talk was sponsored by the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Raichlen was introduced by Professor Richard Wrangham, whose research focuses on the idea that cooking, because it makes food more digestible and nutrients more accessible, was an important part of human development. Raichlen said he has been influenced a great deal by Wrangham’s ideas about cooking and human evolution.During his two-day visit, Raichlen also stopped at a human evolutionary biology class taught by Wrangham and Professor Noreen Tuross to direct a barbecue including foods that Homo erectus might have eaten — buffalo, halibut, and trout — in the courtyard near the Tozzer Library.Barbecue reaches millions of years into human history, but our earliest ancestors were small-brained plant eaters, as evidenced by their massive jaws. A raw plant diet, Raichlen said, dictated that they spend many of their waking hours gathering food and chewing.“Our ancestors were basically giant chewing machines who spent six hours a day chewing,” Raichlen said.Our first ancestor that cooked was Homo erectus, 2 million years ago, Raichlen said. The taming of fire and increased amount of meat in our diets coincided with the expansion of our brain size, Raichlen said. It also fostered community as people gathered around the fire to eat.The first “barbecue” is lost in history, but likely was accidental — an animal caught in a lava flow or a forest fire.“Someone tasted it, and uttered the first grunt of gastronomic pleasure in history,” Raichlen said.Fire at first was something harvested from wildfires, tended and kept alive in an early division of labor, Raichlen said. Eventually, primitive people learned how to start their own fires, striking stones together or using a bow to generate friction.Over the years, humans became proficient hunters and cooks, hunting some species to extinction. Religious custom dictated the sacrificing of animals that led to their being cooked and eaten. The word barbecue is thought to have originated with Taino Indians who prepared meat on a grate that, because it was made of wood, encouraged cooking at low temperatures for long periods of time to avoid the grate burning up.Other barbecue milestones include the invention of the charcoal briquette by automobile pioneer Henry Ford, who combined extra wood scraps from the car-building process with charcoal. He sold the process to a relative named Kingsford, still a major name in the charcoal briquette industry.The backyard grill was invented in the 1950s by an employee of the Weber Metal Works Co., which made round metal nautical buoys. The employee took half of a buoy, put legs on it, and the backyard grill was born.For “Planet Barbecue,” Raichlen traveled to 60 countries to discover barbecue techniques. He described a wide variety of cooking methods and foods to the audience, from a traditional Indian tandoor to Jamaican jerk barbecue, from grilled eel in Korea to kangaroo in Australia, from grilled octopus in Greece to grilled eggs in Cambodia.“It’s been 2 million years, an incredible ride,” Raichlen said. “I think you can truly say that barbecue begat civilization.”last_img read more

first_img The agency said ground beef from the company was used at a Virginia Scout camp where E coli recently broke out. Virginia health officials said in an online update today that 25 E coli cases have been confirmed out of about 84 reported illnesses in Scouts who recently attended the camp in Goshen, Va. Eight scouts have been hospitalized. Aug 7 FSIS news releasehttp://www.fsis.usda.gov/News_&_Events/Recall_027_2008_Release/index.asp The contamination was discovered through a joint investigation by the FSIS and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the FSIS said. In July the USDA announced it would soon begin listing the names of retail stores that receive food products involved in class 1 (high-risk) recalls. The new policy is to take effect this month. “We have 11 culture-confirmed cases of E coli, and 5 of those have a PFGE [pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, or DNA fingerprint] pattern that matches some of the leftover product at the camp, which was produced by S&S Foods,” Metz told CIDRAP News today. She said no cases elsewhere have been linked to S&S Foods products so far. See also: VDH spokeswoman Cheryle Rodriguez said the reason Virginia and the FSIS have mentioned different numbers of confirmed cases (25 versus 11) is that some of the cases have not yet been tied to ground beef. “Those are cases, yes, but we have not confirmed that they’re associated with the ground beef,” she told CIDRAP News. “Right now that’s the main thing we’re looking at, but we look at all possibilities.” S&S Foods of Azusa, Calif., is recalling 30-pound boxes of frozen ground beef because of possible E coli contamination, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said in a news release. The products were sold to food services and institutions, not retail stores, the FSIS said. Aug 7, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – An Escherichia coli O157:H7 outbreak at a Boy Scout camp in Virginia has been linked to ground beef from a California company, prompting the firm to recall 153,630 pounds of beef, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported today. Virginia’s Jul 31 news release with latest updatehttp://www.vdh.state.va.us/news/PressReleases/2008/073108ecoli.htm The ground beef products were shipped to distributors in Allentown, Pa., and Milwaukee, the FSIS said. The 30-pound boxes carry the establishment number “EST. 20375” inside the USDA mark of inspection, and the individual packages are labeled “742798 MFST, 100% GROUND BEEF BULK, 80/20, 1LB. BRICK.” “Through our trace-back we confirmed that the camp had some of the S&S food products, and that’s what was used in dinners at the camp on certain days,” leading to the recall, said Emily Metz, an FSIS spokeswoman in Washington, DC. USDA spokeswoman Laura Reiser said the agency will not be releasing a list of establishments that received the meat, as it was not sold in retail stores, according to a Washington Post report published today.last_img read more

first_imgToday, July 10, marks the 161st anniversary of the birth of the Inventor, electrician, physicist, man of the future – Nikola Tesla. A man who made his immeasurable contribution to humanity and who “invented” the future.In honor of Nikola Tesla, Ana Rucner, (who is) again in the role of “ambassador” of Croatian tourism, dedicated a new song and video. So last night, many Zagreb residents enjoyed the concert of Ana Rucner in honor of Nikola Tesla, on the summer stage of Bundek, as part of ZgKUL – Zagreb Cultural Summer. On that occasion, the artist, in addition to her most famous hits, presented a new video of Tesla’s Field, recorded in collaboration with the Zagreb Philharmonic, with beautiful music by Croatian composer Blagoje Bersa: Sunny fields.What is extremely important and interesting, how the video does not revolve around the musician, in this case Ana Rucner, which is unfortunately a common case, but just the opposite, tells the story of Nikola Tesla and his achievements and significance for humanity through Tesla’s life and inventions, while the beginning and end of the video are framed by the landscape in which he grew up. “Tesla was always ahead of his time and was the first scientist to listen to space, lay the foundations of radio astronomy and show us that everything around us is infinite and eternal. We chose Blagoje Bersa’s music Sunčana polje because of its lyricism. The cello performs it gently, passionately, and at times goes into the lago of the violin. Tesla loved the sound of the violin, he loved art, so we could call him a kind of art scientist” expires Ana Rucner adds that she is extremely proud to be able to present a true genius whose inventions are eternal at her concerts in the World.So is Ana Rucner, after the video in honor Sinjske Alke – Alkar pride, as well as the video recorded in Kopački Rit In The Rythm Of Bolero, Greetings to the summer in Dubrovnik and many other examples, collaborations with various KUDs, once again showed how a kind of “ambassador” of Croatian tourism and her contribution gave her personal stamp to Croatian identity, culture, customs and tourism, and yet all in Croatian promotion service. ”For me, Croatia is the most beautiful country in the world, we have more than 1000 islands and many natural beauties. I am very happy to be able to promote our beautiful country through videos and often tourists and visitors to concerts tell me that they definitely want to visit Croatia. I made each video to promote a certain area, visitors through my videos can get to know the gastronomy and tradition of Slavonia, the most beautiful castles of Zagorje, cultural heritage and history of our musical expression in various parts of Croatia, the tradition of knightly games such as Korcula Moreška and Sinj Alka . I have shot several videos with Zagreb, the national park, other longest walls in Europe-Ston, but there are also the beauties of Istria, Dalmatia, the unique Dubrovnik with linđ… ” concludes Ana Rucner.If at least more celebrities were musicians, athletes…. “Used” as Ana Rucner, 2Cellos and others, their media reach to promote our tourism, certainly to spread the story of Croatia faster and better around the world. Visit Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan, pay him such an honor and become ambassadors of our tourism, as well as Tesla’s legacy.We should be proud of our identity, customs, culture and way of life, because if we do not respect ourselves, others will not respect us either. Likewise, we can all and must be ambassadors of our authentic story, our tourism. An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who is proud of our country, history, customs, culture, heritage, successes – proud to be a Croat. An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who promotes his tradition and his region.Anyone can be an ambassador of Croatian tourism, you can also be one. Be ambassadors of Croatian tourism, tell stories. Our authentic stories.The whole world wears a tie, and no one knows what a Croatian product it is!Why doesn’t the world know about Tesla, Penkala, Fraust Vrančić and all our other innovators who have indebted us. Why doesn’t the world know that Croats are deserving for parachute, torpedo, tie, Dalmatians, airship, rocket engine, ship’s compass… Where are the thematic museums for each of our prominent innovators visited by thousands of tourists? Where are the themed evenings celebrating the achievements of our innovators? This is how the tourist season is extended!DO YOU KNOW HOW PETER MIŠKOVIĆ INVENTOR steam bath, AS Tomislav Uzelac invented the first MP3 PLAYER AND THE M-PARKING, AS IVAN VUČETIĆ FATHER dactyloscopy – METHOD Fingerprinting, A MARIN SOLJAČIĆ is the first carried out experiments WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY, WHILE JOSIP BELUŠIĆ INVENTED THE SPEEDOMETER. THE LIST IS MUCH LONGER.Croatian inventors are responsible for great discoveries, discoveries that the world must know are from Croatia, especially if we talk in the context of Croatia as a tourist destination. We don’t need to be smart at all or invent hot water. Let’s be what we are – Croats.Related news:last_img read more

first_imgA fired-up James Pattinson ripped through New South Wales to power Victoria to their fourth Sheffield Shield title in five seasons.The big quick was at his imposing best in the final at Junction Oval on Sunday and claimed 4-41 as the visitors collapsed to be dismissed for 210, well short of their 388-run target.Pattinson took three of those scalps after lunch on day four in a big reminder to national selectors of his credentials with the English Dukes ball ahead of this year’s Ashes tour.It backed up his 3-30 in the first innings, where NSW were routed for just 121.The Vics’ win was set up by Marcus Harris, who compiled 141 on the opening day, his third century in a Shield final.The Test opener was one of only three players to pass 50 and was named man of the match.The 177-run win provided Victoria’s 32nd Shield title.A 120-run stand between Kurtis Patterson and Daniel Hughes gave NSW an outside chance on Sunday but it all fell away after lunch.Patterson launched a counter-attacking innings after NSW fell to 1-12 but was undone by Peter Siddle who nabbed him caught-and-bowled for 74.His departure sparked a collapse, with Pattinson following up with the wicket of Hughes (41), who edged to a juggling Cameron White at third slip in a session where NSW lost 6-93.After a brief rain delay, Pattinson removed NSW skipper Moises Henriques (23) and Jack Edwards (six) with a pair of searing deliveries.He also claimed the sole NSW wicket of Nick Larkin (four) in the opening session before NSW regrouped to 1-90 at lunch.Earlier, Victoria resumed the day at 7-207 but were all out for 219 in less than half an hour of play.NSW seamer Trent Copeland finished with 3-52 to move top of the Shield wicket takers’ list for the season with 52, enhancing his chances as an Ashes bolter.last_img read more