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first_imgPaul Zimmerman/WireImageBy JAMES HILL, ABC News(NEW YORK) — An attorney for Ghislaine Maxwell, the former companion of sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, has issued the first on-the-record response to the criminal indictment against Maxwell for perjury and sex crimes against minors, calling the federal charges “meritless.”“The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York on June 29, 2020, caused a meritless indictment to be issued against Ms. Maxwell,” wrote Laura Menninger, a Colorado-based lawyer who represents Maxwell in both the criminal case and multiple civil lawsuits.The court filing comes in Maxwell’s answer to a separate civil lawsuit brought against Maxwell and Epstein’s estate in January by an anonymous accuser, Jane Doe, who alleges that she was first approached by the pair in 1994 at a summer music camp in Michigan, when Doe was 13 years old.“Jane Doe was their first known victim and was subsequently abused by Epstein and Maxwell for years as a young girl, suffering unimaginable physical and psychological trauma and distress,” her complaint alleges. “Maxwell also regularly facilitated Epstein’s abuse of Doe and was frequently present when it occurred.”Maxwell was arrested by federal authorities last week in New Hampshire and is facing a six-count federal indictment alleging that she conspired with Epstein in a multi-state sex trafficking scheme involving three unnamed minor victims between 1994 and 1997. Prosecutors contend Maxwell not only “befriended” and later “enticed and groomed multiple minor girls to engage in sex acts with Epstein, through a variety of means and methods,” but was also, at times, “present for and involved” in the abuse herself.The details in Doe’s lawsuit are substantially similar to the allegations pertaining to one of the three minor victims that are detailed in the federal indictment of Maxwell.Maxwell’s attorney noted in the Thursday filing that Maxwell was answering Does’ complaint “to the extent that she can without waiving the right against self-incrimination under the United States and New York constitutions and otherwise will invoke that right.”“Ms. Maxwell’s denials of factual allegations [in Doe’s lawsuit] shall be interpreted the same as pleading not guilty to the various counts in any criminal indictment,” Menninger wrote.According to Doe’s civil complaint, “Epstein’s system of abuse was facilitated in large part by his co-conspirator and accomplice, Maxwell, who helped supply him with a steady stream of young and vulnerable girls – many of whom were fatherless, like Jane Doe, and came from struggling families.”In the Thursday night court filing, Maxwell issued broad denials to nearly every allegation in Doe’s complaint and argued that whatever damages may have been suffered by Doe, they were not caused by Maxwell.“[Does’s] damages, if any, were the result of her own conduct,” her attorney wrote, contending that Doe had “voluntarily or negligently assumed a known risk” and had “consented to the alleged conduct.”Maxwell’s attorney contends that the case should be dismissed and is barred by statutes of limitations.Doe’s attorney Robert Glassman told ABC News Thursday that “Ms. Maxwell is once again deflecting blame on the victims themselves for the significant role she played in causing the victims irreparable damage. We are disappointed that she is taking this position, but look forward to holding her responsible for what she did.”Maxwell has not yet entered a plea to the criminal charges. She is currently being held at a federal jail in Brooklyn. Federal prosecutors argue that she is an extreme flight risk and should be held in custody until trial. A bail hearing is scheduled for July 14.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

first_imgABC NewsBy JULIA JACOBO, ABC News(WASHINGTON) — At least 21 states are activating National Guard troops in preparation of possible attacks this week.The FBI is warning that armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols as well on Capitol Hill after a group called for “storming” state, local and federal government courthouses and administrative buildings on Inauguration Day.In Michigan, where armed militia breached the state Capitol in May, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that the National Guard would be activated from Monday to Wednesday to provide additional security and crowd control measures. “Last week’s horrific scene on Capitol Hill was an attack on our democracy and shows that we need to be adequately prepared for acts of violence as President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as our 46th President of the United States,” said Whitmer, who faced a kidnapping plot against her in October.Small protests took place in Ohio on Sunday, where Gov. Mike DeWine authorized 1,000 soldiers and airmen to provide assistance to federal authorities in Washington, D.C. Several hundred more are remaining in Columbus to protect citizens, public buildings and private property from “civil unrest,” according to a statement from DeWine’s office.Other states where National Guard troops have been activated include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection on the Capitol, making him the first president to ever be impeached twice. The vote triggers a trial in the Senate, but senators will not return early for an impeachment trial  prior to the inauguration. Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

first_imgThe responses of phytoplankton populations to seasonal changes in radiation flux in two Antarctic lakes with extensive winter ice-cover are described. A phytoplankton capable of photosynthesis was found throughout the year in both systems. During winter, low incident radiation combined with thick layers of snow and ice prevented in situ photosynthesis becoming detectable. The beginning of spring was marked by a reduction in snow cover which resulted in a considerable increase in surface penetrating radiation. Planktonic algae rapidly adapted to utilise these increased levels efficiently, though they still showed characteristics of strong shade adaptation. Loss of ice cover at the start of the short open water period further increased the radiation levels and a summer population developed which was much less shade adapted. Saturation and photoinhibition effects were widespread during this period as the algae proved unable to utilise high radiation levels efficiently. They were however effective at the radiation fluxes prevalent in the lower part of the rapidly circulating water columns.last_img read more

first_img View post tag: Master View post tag: sailors View post tag: Officer February 3, 2012 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: USS View post tag: chief Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Visits USS Constitution Sailors View post tag: Navy Training & Education Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) spoke to Sailors stationed aboard USS Constitution Jan. 31, as they prepare for War of 1812 Bicentennial celebrations this year.“Whenever I visit Constitution I am always so motivated by the awesome Sailors stationed here,” said MCPON(SS/SW) Rick D. West. “You are all truly outstanding representatives of our Navy.” Currently, Constitution Sailors are set to participate in seven Fleet Weeks and five parades for War of 1812 commemorations and the ship’s Sailors are ready.“This is a monumental occasion for our Navy and our Nation,” said West. “If you’re not familiar with how the War of 1812 shaped both our country and its high regard for seapower, I encourage you to read up on it. I’m convinced you’ll be as enthusiastic about giving it the proper recognition as our senior leaders are.”During MCPON’s visit, he shot a video to promote War of 1812 events and climbed the ship’s center mast.“I have been here several times but I have never had the opportunity to climb the mast, and this will remain a great memory for me,” said West. “When I see these young Sailors climbing so fast and swift, it is a great compliment to the training and safety found, not only here, but throughout our Navy.”MCPON spoke to the Sailors about where the Navy is today and complimented the command on its dedication to preserving history. At 214 years old, Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat.“I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity,” said Aviation Electronics Technician 3rd Class Brian Pickett. “One of my best experiences here was actually being stationed up on the foremast of the ship – it is sort of like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ if you will. Jack Sparrow up there holding onto the lines, seeing the horizon in the distance as we set off from the harbor here; there is no substitute for that. I look forward to what is yet to come.”“I love being on board USS Constitution,” said Damage Controlman Fireman Ashley Fairfax. “Since I have been here I have grown as a Sailor; a disciplined Sailor for the United States Navy. I am proud to say I am a part of the most powerful Navy in the world.”[mappress]Naval Today Staff , February 03, 2012; Image: navy View post tag: Petty Share this article View post tag: Constitution View post tag: Naval View post tag: visits Back to overview,Home naval-today Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Visits USS Constitution Sailors last_img read more

first_img View post tag: Shipbuilding View post tag: News by topic Industry news View post tag: Russia Back to overview,Home naval-today Future of Ukrainian Shipbuilding Rests On Cooperation with Russia View post tag: Naval View post tag: Ukrainian View post tag: Cooperation View post tag: Navy November 5, 2012 View post tag: RESTS View post tag: future Future of Ukrainian Shipbuilding Rests On Cooperation with Russia Future of Ukrainian shipbuilding industry directly depends on the cooperation with Russia, said Valery Babich…[mappress]Source: Russian Navy, November 5, 2012; Image: sharv-yachting Share this articlelast_img read more

first_imgVesselin DittrichHoboken Dear Editor:While our Council President for many years, Jen Giattino has consistently shown that she can effectively lead the council in solving Hoboken problems. She has also shown that when necessary, she will stand up to defend the constitutional rights of Hoboken residents, even when other councilors would not. No other candidate has Jen Giattino’s experience, her proven leadership qualities, and, most importantly, her dedication to Hoboken and its residents. Please vote for Jen Giattino for Mayor and her team for Council at-Large, Zoning Board Chairman Jim Aibel, Jason Ellis and Sal Starace on November 7th. last_img read more

first_imgBy MADDY VITALEGillian’s Wonderland Pier, the iconic Boardwalk amusement park that has been in business for nearly 100 years, is joining with Icona Resorts, a company that operates beach resorts in Cape May County, according to a news release Tuesday.“The Gillian and Mita families announced today that they are joining together to enhance Gillian’s Wonderland Pier’s guest experience,” the release said. “The two families with deep history in amusements and hospitality are partnering to create a unique experience and better serve guests of this premier destination.”The landmark Ferris wheel at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier hovers over the Boardwalk near Sixth Street.Eustace Mita is the owner of Icona Resorts, with beach resorts in Avalon, Cape May and Diamond Beach.“We are thrilled that the Mita family is joining us in continuing the great tradition of Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, an Ocean City landmark,” Jay Gillian, who is also mayor of Ocean City, said in the release.He continued, “Last weekend our park saw record-breaking numbers and we are looking forward to welcoming even more guests back to Wonderland this summer. We know in partnering with the Mita family that the best is yet to come.”The Gillian family has been on the Ocean City Boardwalk since 1929, “providing families with lifelong memories and many more to come,” according to the release.Mita said this of Wonderland and the new partnership, “Living in Ocean City for more than 40 years, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier has been a favorite place for not only my wife and I but also my children and grandchildren.”He added, “We are looking forward to working alongside Jay and his family, as both families are committed to provide a wholesome experience.”Grabbing the brass ring at the vintage carousel at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier has amused generations of families. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier has entertained families since 1929.last_img read more

first_imgFrom the fall of 1966 through to spring of 1967, The Beatles were in the studio recording what would become their eighth studio album, the critically acclaimed Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album, which is still a staple to this day (Rolling Stone named it the best album of all time), was immediately a commercial and critical success, known for its innovative production, ability to bridge pop music and high art, and psychedelic sensibilities that came to represent the late 60’s counterculture. While all the tracks have gained their own life in the fifty years since, the creation of the fourth number on the iconic album, John Lennon– and Paul McCartney-penned tune, “Getting Better”, has become fabled in Beatles lore.An extensive piece by Rolling Stone details the rich history behind “Getting Better”. The song, while innocently conceived by McCartney on a walk with his sheepdog, Martha, also was the cause behind a favorite Beatles story—the time that John Lennon accidentally dosed himself in the studio, which led to McCartney’s first acid trip with one of his Beatles bandmates.Initially, McCartney came up with the idea for the song during a jaunt through London’s Regent’s Park with journalist Hunter Davies, with McCartney eventually telling the biographer “It’s getting better” was a reference to the coming spring. However, within the band, the phrase “It’s getting better” had previously become an inside joke—Jimmie Nichol, a drummer who played a ten-show run with the band in 1964 while Ringo Starr was sick, had earnestly replied “It’s getting better!” to inquiries about how he was adjusting to the fervent Beatlemania at the time, much to the delight of the other members of the group.McCartney brought the potential song subject to John Lennon, who took the optimistic line and quickly made it darker and more emotionally rounded, offering up “It couldn’t get no worse” as a follow-up to the lyrics “Getting better all the time.” As noted in the biography Many Years From Now, McCartney later referenced that moment and the disparity between their two takes to highlight the perfection of their partnership, noting, “I thought, ‘Oh, brilliant! This is exactly why I love writing with John.” John also added in the dark confessional final verse about beating women—”‘I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved”—later telling Playboy during an interview in 1980 that the line was autobiographical, explaining that he “used to be cruel to my woman, and psychically, any woman. … I couldn’t express myself and I hit. I fought men and hit women.”On March 21st, 1967, the band (minus Ringo Starr) went to the iconic Abbey Road studios to record the backing harmonies of “Getting Better”. To keep awake for the session, Lennon went to take an amphetamine from his pill box; however, rather than choosing an upper, he accidentally dosed himself with LSD. (In 1992, George Harrison joked “It’ll certainly keep him awake for a while!” on ITV’s The South Bank Show.) However, as Lennon told Rolling Stone in 1970, “I was not in the state of handling it. … I said, ‘What is it, I feel ill?’ I thought I felt ill and I thought I was going cracked … then it dawned on me that I must have taken some acid.”As sound engineer Geoff Emerick noted in his book, Here There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles, most of the other staff members were naive to drugs, thinking that John was acting strange but not knowing why. He recalls:It seemed to take John a long time to get up the stairs; he was moving as if he were in slow motion. … When he finally walked through the doorway into the control room, I noticed that he had a strange, glazed look on his face. He appeared to be searching for something, but didn’t seem to know what it was. Suddenly he threw his head back and began staring intently at the ceiling, awestruck. With some degree of difficulty, he finally got a few not especially profound words out: ‘Wow, look at that.’ Our necks cranked upward, but all we saw was … a ceiling.Realizing that something was off, John told Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band‘s producer George Martin that he didn’t feel well. The well-intentioned producer, oblivious to the psychedelic journey on which Lennon was about to embark, told John that he just needed “a good breath of fresh air,” bringing Lennon with him to the roof. As Martin explained in the Beatles Anthology documentary,If I’d known it was LSD, the roof would have been the last place I would have taken him! But of course I couldn’t take him out the front because there were 500 screaming kids who’d have torn him apart. So the only place I could take him to get fresh air was the roof. It was a wonderful starry night, and John went to the edge, which was a parapet about eighteen inches high, and looked up at the stars and said, ‘Aren’t they fantastic?’ Of course to him I suppose they would have been especially fantastic. At the time they just looked like ordinary stars to me.Martin eventually left Lennon up on the roof alone, unaware of John’s state of mind. Eventually, McCartney and Harrison realized that Lennon had been left alone on the roof and rushed to get him, knowing that he could have easily fallen off the narrow parapet and multiple stories to the pavement below. However, when the pair arrived at the roof, Lennon was sitting quietly, safe from harm and deep in thought.Once inside, it became clear that Lennon was not going to get a lot of recording done, instead opting to just sit and watch—this became an awkward point, as Lennon kept getting nervous and asking “Is this all right?” with his band members reaffirming he was okay to sit in the studio. Clearly, with the session going somewhat off the rails, the group ended their night early. However, with Lennon’s ride not scheduled to arrive for a number of hours, McCartney took his friend back to his house, which was within walking distance. With Lennon tripping, McCartney decided in solidarity that maybe he should trip with Lennon, despite being afraid of acid and being relatively inexperienced compared to his creative partner. This also marked the first time McCartney had ever eaten acid with any of his bandmates. McCartney’s hesitance to experiment with the hallucinogen had previously caused some issues with the band, who questioned why he was so reluctant to join them.As Paul McCartney recalled,I thought, maybe this is the moment where I should take a trip with him. It’s been coming for a long time. It’s often the best way, without thinking about it too much, just slip into it. John’s on it already, so I’ll sort of catch up. It was my first trip with John, or any of the guys. We stayed up all night, sat around and hallucinated a lot. Me and John, we’d known each other for a long time. Along with George and Ringo, we were best mates. And we looked into each other’s eyes, the eye contact thing we used to do, which is fairly mind-boggling. You dissolve into each other. … And it was amazing. You’re looking into each other’s eyes and you would want to look away but you wouldn’t, and you could see yourself in the other person. It was a very freaky experience and I was totally blown away. John had been sitting around very enigmatically and I had a big vision of him as king, the absolutely Emperor of Eternity. It was a good trip.[H/T Rolling Stone][Originally published 3/21/18]last_img read more

first_img Star Files View Comments It’s been a crazy week for the 2015 Tony nominees! After waking up at the crack of dawn to hear their names announced on TV by Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker, the stars received a flurry of congratulatory calls, texts and emails…but there was no time to celebrate, because they had to find something fancy to wear to the Tony nominee reception the next morning. Needless to say, by the time they got to the star-studded ceremony at the Paramount Hotel, the Tony nominees were feeling a lot of feelings. armed the stars with paper and markers so they could draw ’em out!With the help of a team of art experts and psychologists, we’ve analyzed 44 drawings to find out more about the Tony nominees. While stars like Elisabeth Moss stuck to a traditional smiley face, Brian d’Arcy James, Kristin Chenoweth and Alessandro Nivola took more creative liberties with their self-portraits. Four drawings, including an appealing but puzzling work of art by Bill Nighy, went the abstract route (what is that?!), while a few drawings went beyond the abstract and landed squarely in the WTF category. Robert Askins, Bradley Cooper and Christopher Wheeldon, we’re looking at you.Among our favorites are the simple, bold colors and shapes of Ben Miles’ work of art and the whimsy of Steven Boyer’s self-portrait. But Michael Cerveris’ masterpiece, which we like to call “Reverse Airplane,” is the clear standout. And the rest of the nominees? Um, keep your day jobs.Click here to see the stars’ drawings!center_img Kristin Chenowethlast_img read more

first_img Knock on wood! Roger Bart, Kerry Butler, Adam Pascal and more will begin performances in the Broadway incarnation of Disaster! on February 9. The musical comedy, based on cult favorite disaster movies from the 1970s, will officially open on March 8 at the Nederlander Theatre.Directed and co-written by Jack Plotnick and also starring co-creator and co-writer Seth Rudetsky, Disaster! is set on a summer night in Manhattan in 1979 and follows a group of NYC A-listers who party at the grand opening of a floating casino/disco—until disaster strikes. Earthquakes, tidal waves, infernos, killer bees, rats, sharks and piranhas all threaten the guests, who sing some of the biggest hits of the ‘70s, including “Hot Stuff,” “I Am Woman,” “Knock on Wood” and more.The cast will also include Kevin Chamberlin, Faith Prince, Rachel York, Jennifer Simard, Max Crumm and Lacretta Nicole, Manoel Felciano Baylee Littrell, Paul Castree, Casey Garvin, Travis Kent, Alyse Alan Louis, Maggie McDowell, Olivia Phillip and Catherine Ricafort. Jennifer Simard, Faith Prince, Roger Bart, Adam Pascal, Kerry Butler, Kevin Chamberlin, Rachel York & Seth Rudetsky in ‘Disaster!'(Photo by Andrew Eccles) Star Files Show Closed This production ended its run on May 8, 2016 Related Showscenter_img Disaster! View Comments Roger Bartlast_img read more